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Welcome to Find New AI, home to the latest artificial intelligence tools, software, products, and examples.

We are a group of dedicated AI enthusiasts who keep in touch with the latest information on intelligent tools that make your business or personal life easyer. Each member of our team has a background in interacting with artificial intelligence for research, work, and hobby. We provide the best practical AI content for our readers and want to showcase the best new products in this area.

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What you can find on Find New AI

Looking for the latest AI software tools and apps? We love to showcase uses of practical AI that are available to test out and play with today.

Unlike most AI websites which focus on research and theory behind the concept, we showcase usable tools that have been built today. Every tool we mention on our site uses artificial intelligence to automatically make decisions and help make your life easier.

What are the latest AI products coming out into the market? We keep up to date with Kickstarter campaigns, Product Hunt, and work with new products to showcase them. Let us keep you up to date on where the artificial intelligence market is going.

Are you interested in getting into the development of AI products and software? We will show you what industry is using and how to get started with tutorials.

Do you just want a community of people who are as active and enthusiastic about artificial intelligence as you are? We love everything and anything to do with AI, machine learning, data science, technology, development, smart home, and future products as you do.

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