101+ AI Software Tools to Check Out for Free

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This is the most comprehensive list of usable AI software tools on the internet today. We have over 100 different services and companies using artificial intelligence to increase your productivity – 108 so far and counting.

Below, we break down intelligent software tools in a number of different categories:

  • Business productivity
  • Photo and video editing
  • Text analysis and manipulation
  • SEO
  • Digital marketing
  • Team efficiency

and a bunch more!

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AI Software to Improve Efficiency (Individual or Teams)

ai software for efficiency

The AI tools below let you be more efficient at working by simplifying your life. Some of these tools are for individuals, while others improve team efficiency.


Wrike is the ultimate software for project and task management. It is built for modern and agile teams around the world. Over 20,000 customers use Wrike to stay organized and manage workflow processes. Wrike uses AI to identify roadblocks before they happen and to recommend improvements to your agile process.

Click here to view Wrike.


ClickUp is an automation productivity app that places all of your chats, goals, documents, and tasks in one single app. You can build out your entire company and show information in a variety of different lists and views. ClickUp automatically connects and imports from other time tracking, calendar, storage, development, and other apps.

Click here to view ClickUp.

Otter AI

Otter is an AI assistant that can listen to your meetings and voice conversations and automatically create text transcribes and summaries. The service records and reviews in real time. You can search, play, edit, organize, and share your conversations from any device.

Click here to view Otter AI.


Timely is a fully-automated time tracking AI software. It tracks what apps you access and for how long so that you always know what you were working on and for how long. It uses AI to simplify time tracking, which is a chore for many.

Click here to view to Timely.


Todoist is a smart to-do app that organizes your life using artificial intelligence. It keeps track of your calendar, schedule, and outstanding tasks and gives you live updates to make sure you don’t miss anything ever again.

Click here to view Todoist.


Bit.ai is a document and workspace collaboration platform. It is built for teams and individuals to create, collaborate, and organize knowledge in one place from anywhere in the world. Bit.ai uses artificial intelligence to organize everything and give you powerful searching, querying, and collaboration.

Click here to view Bit.ai.

Tara AI

Tara AI is a sprint management platform for teams. Run your team’s weekly sprints and tasks and deliver priorities in one modern interface. You can connect to GitHub automatically to track versions and releases. Tara has smart indicators that let you know when a sprint is overloaded.

Click here to view Tara AI.


Yva.ai is a real-time employee experience and performance platform. It generates micro-surveys to provide feedback to team members and track performs. The smart software tracks burnout indices, conversations, and goals and knows when to trigger feedback and help.

Click here to view Yva.ai.

Trevor AI

Trevor is automation software that tracks your time and make you more efficient. It organizes your calendar, automatically blocks off time, and divides projects into simple tasks for completing. Using AI, Trevor makes realistic goals for your day so that you have a better chance to succeed.

Click here to view Trevor AI.


X.ai is a meeting scheduler platform that forces your peers to schedule times that automatically fit well into your schedule. This tool automates the most tedious parts of scheduling — finding compatible times to meet with large groups, sending follow-ups, and rescheduling meetings.

Click here to view X.ai.

AI Tools to Create Websites

If you need to build a website fast, then an AI website builder can save you a ton of time. These solutions below automatically create your beautiful, responsive websites that work on any browser or device.

Click here or or on the image below to read about these AI software tools for building websites in more depth.

Site 123

Site 123 is one of the easiest ways to create a website on the internet. Instead of coding yourself or using drag-and-drop features, Site 123 uses artificial intelligence to create you a professional website in minutes. Simply upload your content and receive a working website that works across all devices.

Click here to view Site 123


Bookmark is an AI-powered website builder that creates you a professional website in 2 minutes. Simply answer a few questions about what kind of website you want and Bookmark’s AI assistant, AiDA, uses machine learning to create your website. A drag-and-drop interface lets you configure your website and personalize it to your needs without any web development experience.

Click here to view Bookmark.

JimDo Dolphin

JimDo Dolphin is an automated website builder that works as a sister product to JimDo Creator. After entering your business details, JimDo uses its experience creating 20 million websites to automatically generate you a working example. You can use its creative tools to customize the website to your liking before you go live.

Click here to view JimDo.


Wix is one of the most popular website builders of all time with over 80 million websites created on the platform. ADI is the AI software tool that takes your information and turns it into a beautiful website design. Custom contact pages, e-commerce, and specialty sections are generated automatically by Wix for you.

Click here to view Wix ADI.


Weblium is a modern AI website builder that contains over 250 professional website templates as a starting point. As you add elements to your website, Weblium automatically rearranges and adjusts text and placement to match things. You also get access to over 100,000 stock images that make your website beautiful and worth checking out.

Click here to view Weblium.


The 10 Web website builder works a little different than others in this guide. You give 10Web a URL of another website you like and the service uses artificial intelligence to duplicate that page into an editable format. After that, you can add your own text, rearrange elements, and personalize the website for your business. 10Web promises that you can move any website from Wix or Squarespace into WordPress format fast and easy.

Click here to view 10Web.


B12 is a human-assisted intelligent website builder. With just a few clicks, AI will create you a beautiful website. B12 also analyzes your website and makes monthly recommendations on improvements. It keeps track of user interface trends so that you don’t have to.

Click here to view B12.

AI Chatbots For Your Website

The chatbots below can be integrated in your website and provide a smart conversation bot for your customers and visitors to interact with. 70% of visitors prefer to interact with a chatbot because of how fast you can get answers to common questions.

Click here or on the image below to go to our detailed AI Chatbot guide. We go into the features of the AI software below in more detail.


ChatBot is an all-in-one platform to create, deploy, and track chatbots. It integrates with Messenger, Slack, and WordPress. ChatBot allows you to easily make chatbots using their drag and drop chatbot builder. You don’t need to do any coding or have any special technical skills.

Click here to view ChatBot.


Tars is an AI chatbot tool that lets you create conversational landing pages, replacing traditional landing pages with a chatbot. This lets you easily qualify leads and earn more customers. Tars is well optimized for mobile users and WhatsApp.

Click here to view Tars.


Collect.chat is an interactive chatbot that collects data from your website visitors by asking scripted questions – 24/7, fully on auto-pilot. Whenever a user response is recorded, you get an email notification. Anyone can build the chatbot with zero coding knowledge and install it in seconds.

Click here to view Collect.chat.


Gobot is one of the best AI chatbots for businesses running on Shopify. It integrates with Shopify to drive more revenue and slash support tickets. It also has email and SMS opt-ins, and collects customer profile data with bots and shopping quizzes.

Click here to view Gobot.


Tidio is a live chatbot platform that allows you to communicate with your clients personally or let your chatbot handle things. It gives a personal feel to your e-commerce business.

Click here to view Tidio.


Gorgias is the best Chatbot solution for customer service. It is the all-in-one help desk for customer service and live chat. It collects customer support messages from every channel (email, live chat, phone, etc.) into one view to help you streamline your support tickets.

Click here to view ChatBot.


ShoutOUT is the customer messaging platform for all kinds of businesses to reach their customers via the preferred channel – SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Messenger. It supports businesses to keep in touch with their customers by automated, personalized and targeted SMS and Emails.

Click here to view ShoutOUT.


The Botsup AI chatbot lets you combine live chat and an automated chatbot. It also integrates with the most popular CRMs and email marketing services. Botsup markets itself as the easiest Chatbot to get up and started with.

Click here to view Botsup.


MobileMonkey is a software solution that lets you create bots using their OmniChat technology. These bots work in web chat, Messenger, and through SMS text messages. MobileMonkey is aimed at non-technical users and offers full-service support to help you get up and running.

Click here to view MobileMonkey.

AI Email Tools

The software below uses intelligence to help improve your email processes. From automating emails to organizing your inbox, there are plenty of tools to make your life easier.

Click here or on the image below to read about these tools in more detail.


GetResponse is an artificial intelligence-enabled email marketing software that lets users create a mailing list and capture data onto it. This tool uses the power of AI to automate emails sent to your subscribers, plus view and analyze statistics related to your campaigns.

Click here to view GetResponse.


Sender is a powerful AI email software that lets users create and send beautiful and branded email newsletters. You can build your unique designs or choose from the available templates with no coding required.

Click here to view Sender.


Lemlist is an AI email outreach platform that lets you send cold emails and track replies automatically. It is a tool that helps you improve your link building campaigns.

Click here to view Lemlist.


Automizy is an AI email marketing software designed and developed for brands to increase their open and reply rates. This tool uses artificial intelligence to create effective and high-performing emails with its drag and drop email editor.

Click here to view Automizy.


BEE, or Best Email Editor, is an AI email editor designed to create mobile responsive emails. This tool uses AI to enable users to design beautiful and responsive emails quickly and easily.

Click here to view BEE.

Smart Assist

Smart Assist is an AI personal email assistant that helps businesses take email productivity to new levels. This software uses machine learning and AI to review your emails and route the emails to their proper destination.

Click here to view Smart Assist.

Email Tree

Email Tree is an AI email marketing software that reinvents customer experience with end-to-end automation. Email Tree uses artificial intelligence to help users reply emails in seconds and automate repetitive tasks.

Click here to view Email Tree.


Phrasee is an AI marketing copy tool. Thus tool uses deep learning algorithms and natural language generation system to automatically create brand-compliant copy for emails, Instagram, Facebook, and push notifications.

Click here to view Phrasee.

Email on Acid

Email On Acid is an AI powered email QA platform that allows users to streamline the email testing processes. This tool uses AI to allow email marketers, content creators, and developers to optimize their emails before sending.

Click here to view Email on Acid.

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