8 Best AI Website Builders: Fast Modern Websites

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In this guide, we take a look at the best AI website builders on the internet. These tools can quickly create you a modern personal or business website.

Specifically, we’ll take a look at:

  • How do website builders help you create a website faster?
  • How is artificial intelligence used in website builder services?
  • What are the best website builders that use AI and other smart features to make your life easier?

This guide on AI Website Builders is summarized in our larger guide showing over 100 AI Software Tools to check out today.

If we’ve missed any smart website building tools, make sure you let us know. If you represent an AI website builder, contact us so that we can take a look today.

What is a Website Builder?

Website builders are online tools that allow you to create a business or personal website without the need for coding skills. Insted of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other frameworks, website builders usually provide drag-and-drop interfaces.

Website builders let you move text and images onto your page quickly and customize them to your needs. All custom code integration sits behind the scenes and you never have to look at it.

Once you are done, some website builders host everything for you and others let you export your website to a web host.

Artificial Intelligence in Building Websites

AI website builders go a step further than traditional web tools. Artificial intelligence is used too automatically:

  1. Make recommendations on what would look good on your website.
  2. Automatically create shell pages based on your type of business or website.
  3. Create advanced web scripts that automate and implement advanced website functions automatically.
  4. Run analytics on your visitors and make recommendations on changes.

So if you lack web design and programming skills, an AI website builder can create you a perfect business website. Next up, we will take a look at our favorite website tools that use artificial intelligence.

Best AI Website Builders

#1. Site123

Site123 is a fast-growing website builder focused exclusively on do-it-yourself (DIY) creators. They claim to be the most intuitive and easy to use website builder on the market. With Site 123, you can create and handle your website without the need and cost of hiring a professional. Create your website using artificial intelligence, ready-made styles and modern layouts.

Site123 uses AI to ask you a couple of questions. They ask you the type of website you want and what the name of the site is. Answers to these questions enable the software to create a website template that has all the features you need.

Site123 is for individuals and businesses who need a website up fast with minimal fuss. It may not be the best for really complex or powerful websites. But for speed and efficiency, you’ll struggle to find a better website builder.

Site123 Features

  • Beautiful and modern landing pages and web forms
  • Templates for online booking tools, online stores, surveys, and more
  • Real-time editing and customization
  • SEO management included

Click here to view Site123.

site123 ai website builder

#2. Bookmark

Bookmark is an AI website builder that can build you a business website in just two minutes. Based on a proprietary machine learning algorithm called AiDA, Bookmark AI intelligently builds a website that matches your brand style. If you have the idea of a handy tool to build a website with minimum effort, Bookmark is worth giving a whirl.

Bookmark working space involves two parts, namely the dashboard and the website editor. It is smartly organized, which contributes to the convenience of use.

The dashboard provides access to all your websites, their statistics, an opportunity to get in touch with the tech support and the experts. The dashboard also provides access to system news, tutorials and notifications. You can create an unlimited number of free websites and switch between them any moment.

The editor includes the sidebar with the settings categories and the working area with website pages. Your list of settings will differ with regard to the type of the chosen template. The menu links (pages) are called Sections. You can add a section, edit the section name and position all inside.

Bookmark AI Features

  • Build a website effortlessly, crafted by AiDA
  • Smart recommendation using machine learning algorithms
  • No code or design skills needed
  • Free hosting
  • SEO and promotion management
  • Multi-channel marketing

Click here to view Bookmark.

bookmark AI website builder

#3. JimDo Dolphin

JimDo Dolphin is smart AI software that allows you to build a website in two ways. You can either use its AI website builder, JimDo Dolphin or the original tool to start from scratch. JimDo Dolphin, like other AI website builders, is an easy-to-use but useful tool to build you functional websites. No code skills required to use Dolphin.

With website builders such as JimDo Dolphin, you can have an attractive and professional website up and running without having to do much work. JimDo Dolphin uses HTML5 and comes with modern and professional templates and are optimized for desktop and mobile. Plans come with plenty of storage space and bandwidth, built-in social media tools, and a lot more features.

JimDo Dolphin Features

  • Provide HTTPS security for all plans, including free plan
  • Payment processing and other e-commerce features including coupons and discounting
  • SEO automation for both standard and e-commerce sites
  • Modern style and page editor

Click here to view JimDo Dolphin.

jimdo dolphin ai website builder

#4. Wix ADI

One of the most game-changing developments Wix has introduced in recent years is Wix ADI – short for Wix Artificial Design Intelligence. The Wix ADI AI website builder automatically creates a custom website based on a user’s answers to six simple questions.

Based on those answers, the platform generates a complete design layout that includes all images, elements, and text. Full integration with the rest of Wix’s tools are offered.

Wix ADI doesn’t stop there: it also uses AI to scour the web and social media for relevant content to include on your site. This tool also comes with an easy-to-use editor to further customize your site.

The focus of Wix ADI is to make it easy to create a website. It narrows down the design options to 6 themes for you to choose from. The themes in Wix ADI are responsible for the fonts and colors of your website’s design. The elements, images and text are created automatically based on the information you input during the website setup process.

Wix ADI Features

  • An informative step-by-step tutorial makes it easy to create your website
  • Simple website development, quick project customization and editing tools
  • Text and images are automatically grabbed from the internet and placed onto your template
  • An AI website builder from a respected company in this space

Click here to view Wix ADI.

wix adi ai website builder

#5. Weblium

Weblium is a beginner-friendly AI website builder with a drag-and-drop editor to help you build a professional-looking website. It does not require you to have any coding or design experience. Weblium uses AI to build responsive websites that fit your brand instantly. Over 250 templates are available and it helps you handle hosting, domain, SSL security certificate, and other technical stuff.

Weblium is designed for teamwork. If you choose a paid plan, you and your teammates can simultaneously work on different parts of the site. The free plan offers unlimited storage and enough features to enable you to create a fully functional website.

All templates adapt to devices of all sizes. While you build your site, you can preview and edit how each page will look on smartphones and tablets.

Weblium Features

  • Unlimited storage for free users
  • Generous free plan features
  • One of the cheapest website builders
  • Tracks website performance
  • Automatic mobile compatibility

Click here to view Weblium.

weblium ai website builder

#6. 10Web

10Web is a managed WordPress hosting provider with a set of premium tools and resources to make running your WordPress site a breeze. It’s an ideal solution for freelancers, agencies, small businesses, WooCommerce and high traffic sites.

10Web includes 10 essential components for a great website: managed hosting, drag & drop builder, and beautiful templates. Others are premium plugins, backup service, security service, speed optimization, SEO, analytics and tech support.

10Web uses artificial intelligence to show you all of your site’s most important information – page speed, statistics, updates, and more. It’s an automated way to create a WordPress website solution for your brand.

10Web Features

  • Real-time backups
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Site management from one dashboard
  • Fully automated website migration to WordPress

Click here to view 10Web.

10web ai website builder

#7. B12

B12 is an AI business website builder that stands out from its rivals by combining AI with human experts. It uses AI to create a basic website and you can make changes according to the smart recommendations. B12 also allows you to create DIY websites using CSS and HTML.

B12 also uses artificial intelligence to analyze your website and makes monthly recommendations on improvements. Plus, this AI website builder also keeps track of user interface trends so that you don’t have to.

The AI is responsible for tasks like setting up the basic site and gathering information about your business. B12 staff member is the one customizing your site so it stands out.

The software will make recommendations for the type of content suitable for your site. You can also automatically create templates from a wide variety of content types including awards, appointments, client booking, upcoming events, FAQs, and more.

B12 Features

  • Build responsive websites for mobile devices
  • Content import/export from other websites
  • Crate smart websites from AI and human assistant
  • Real-time editing features
  • SEO Management

Click here to view B12.

b12 ai website builder

#8. Leia

Leia is a complete AI website builder SaaS that promises to create you a unique and modern website built by artificial intelligence. Over 250,000 websites have been built using Leia so far.

Leia is AI that can design, code, and publish your custom website in minutes. Plus, Leia promises that no two sites are ever the same. That means that unlike other builders, you aren’t picking from the same list of templates as everyone else.

The Leia Growth Club is a premium service offers that gives you a customizable domain, marketing plan, analytics integration, and more extra features.

Leia AI Features

  • Create a website via voice commands
  • Full responsive and modern website designs
  • No coding required
  • One of the most sophisticated AI website builder tools on the internet.
  • SEO tools and optimization tools

Click here to view Leia AI Website Builder.

leia AI website builder

Have you used any AI website builders to create a site for your business or brand? Make sure to comment below and let us know what you would or wouldn’t recommend.

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