10 Best AI Chatbot to Increase Sales and Retain Visitors

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An AI Chatbot can personalize your website, earn customers, and provide each help to each visitor. In this guide, we’ll show you the best ChatBots that use artificial intelligence to make your business better without any extra effort from you.

Specifically, we’ll go over:

  • What a Chatbot does for your website.
  • The best AI chatbots that use extra intelligence to give you the edge.
  • How to sign up and integrate a Chatbot onto your website today.

If we’ve missed a Chatbot that you enjoy using, make sure to comment down below and let us know.

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What are the Best AI Chatbots For Your Website Today?

Here are our picks for the top AI chatbots that use intelligence to get you more customers for your website:

  1. Landbot (Best No Code)
  2. Acobot (Best for eCommerce)
  3. Collect Chat (Best for WordPress)
  4. Tidio (Best Dashboard)
  5. Chatfuel (Best Integration)
  6. ChatBot (Best for Small Businesses)
  7. Mobile Monkey (Best for Facebook Messenger)
  8. Tars (Best for Landing Pages)
  9. Gobot (Best for Shopify)
  10. Gorgias (Best for Customer Satisfaction)
  11. ShoutOUT (Best Text Message Bot)
  12. Botsup (Easy to Use)

Landbot – Best AI Chatbot with No Code Requirement

Landbot AI is a powerful chatbot platform that lets you create conversational chatbots for your websites. It combines rich UI elements with an interactive conversational interface to provide a no-code solution for chatbot creation.

With Landbot AI, you can manage communication and customer journey – from lead generation to customer onboarding and customer support. Once you set it up, Landbot can sit on your website, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

You can cut down on operational costs by having Landbot generate responses to inquiries automatically. Plus, it can redirect potential customize through your sales funnel.

Launch your chatbot in minutes and automate complex customer interactions, achieving more than ever while reducing development and operational costs. The Landbot chatbot software has ready-to-use templates that you can use to go live in no time.

Landbot also integrates with DialogFlow so that you can integrate natural language processing for more human like responses.

Landbot Features

  • Sentiment analysis for contextual next best action.
  • Analytics and real-time reporting
  • Dedicated customer success team
  • Multi-lingual.
  • Knowledge-base integration

What I Like About Landbot AI

I like that Landbot AI comes with an easy-to-use UI, which makes it easy to create highly intuitive chatbots for your businesses. I also like that this tool has many templates to help you get started. I like using the Landbot platform. You can design individual chatbots for different websites from the same interface.

Click here to view Landbot AI

landbot best ai chatbot

Acobot – Best Chatbot for eCommerce

Acobot is designed to supercharge your eCommerce business by bringing you in more new and returning customers. It does a great job engaging your customers while they are on your website, redirecting them to products they like based on their responses. It uses artificial intelligence to send personalized messages that make them feel catered to.

Acobot focuses on six different eCommerce areas that are the main source for sales:

  1. Assisted Shopping through catered suggestions
  2. Lead Generation by growing your email list
  3. Cart Recovery by using AI to automatically send emails
  4. Email Marketing through content that promotes opens, reads, and clicks
  5. Discount Coupons to motivate shoppers to act fast
  6. Loyalty Program to retain your customers long-term

Acobot is the top AI chatbot for eCommerce businesses today.

Acobot AI Features

  • An easy setup wizards gets you started in 15 minutes or less
  • Good pricing that is based on unlimited traffic and subscribers only
  • Automatic content creation, designs, and optimization using artificial intelligence
  • Focuses effort on proven eCommerce techniques that boost your sales

Click here to view Acobot.

acobot ai sales tool

Collect Chat – Best Chatbot For WordPress

Collect.chat is an interactive chatbot that collects data from your website visitors by asking scripted questions – 24/7, fully on auto-pilot. Whenever a user response is recorded, you get an email notification. Anyone can build the chatbot with zero coding knowledge and install it in seconds.

You can collect leads, feedback and book meetings with your customers. Integrate the chatbot with any tool you use in your workflow. With this tool, you have an excellent platform for a higher conversion rate. This is because customers are more likely to interact with a website with an interactive chat.

Collect.chat is known for its tight integration with WordPress, allowing you to get setup in just a few clicks.

Some brands using Collect Chat to set appointments are GOV.UK, Techstars, Bank of Bhutan, Airbnb, and Canada Startups.

Collect.chat Features

  • Copy-paste snippet lets you quickly install Collect.chat
  • WordPress plugin and tight integraition
  • The ability to share links
  • Multiple language support
  • Drag and drop builder to customize your AI chatbot.

Click here to view Collect.chat.

collect.chat ai chatbot

Tidio Review – Best AI Chatbot Dashboard

Tidio is a live chatbot platform that allows you to communicate with your clients personally or let your chatbot handle things. It gives a personal feel to your eCommerce business.

Tidio comes with an easy dashboard and a mobile app to answer all users’ inquiries at any time from anywhere. You can also use automation as much as you like to answer customer questions and design funnels that lead to conversions.

You can use a chatbot template or create your own chatbot scenarios based on keywords and customer behavior on your site. It is easy to use and integrate with your eCommerce platform, email marketing, and help desk software.

HubSpot, CROWD, Forbes, WooCommerce, and Shopify all use Tidio.

Tidio Features

  • You can add a pre-chat survey to get to know the visitor a little better
  • Over 20 pre-translated languages are available.
  • The interface makes it easy to match your chat window to the branding of your website
  • Mobile app available
  • It has a Chrome plugin that sends desktop notifications when there is a pending offline chat

Click here to view Tidio.

tidio ai chatbot

Chatfuel – Best Integration

Chatfuel is an AI bot-building platform you can use to create conversational chatbots. Chatfuel features multi-user accounts and has simple editing tools to provide an effective bot-building solution. This tool lets you design powerful conversational chatbots without prior coding or programming knowledge.

Chatfuel works well for freelancers, non-profit organizations, and small and large businesses.

Since Chatfuel supports third-party app integrations, you can sync your chatbots with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and even Dropbox. This lets you gain valuable insights into the performance of your chatbots. Having good integration means that Chatfuel excels at conversational AI.

Once setup and configured, you can use Chatfuel to manage sales, customer support, and ads.

Key Features

  • Comes with a user-friendly editor.
  • You can design chatbots without coding or programming knowledge.
  • Integrates with several social media services like Twitter, Facebook, and Evernote.
  • Pre-made answers for questions.

What I Like About Chatfuel

I like the ease of use in this tool. Integrating with a bunch of different desktop and mobile apps is a nice feature, since other Chatbots are only for your website or a single messaging tool. This is a newer chatbot solution, capitalizing on the brains behind ChatGPT to generate accurate responses and results.

Click here to view Chatfuel.

chatfuel best ai chatbot

ChatBot Review – Best Chatbot For Small Businesses

ChatBot is an all-in-one platform to create, deploy, and track chatbots. It integrates with Messenger, Slack, and WordPress. ChatBot allows you to easily make chatbots using their drag and drop chatbot builder. You don’t need to do any coding or have any special technical skills.

ChatBot includes diverse templates and the ability to automate key tasks right away. Easily drag-and-drop new elements to adapt any template to your needs. ChatBot is ready to work out of the box, while AI algorithms help you improve responses over time. Design smooth conversational experiences to build better relationships with your customers. Send dynamic responses that encourage customers to chat and interact. Mix and match text, images, buttons, and quick replies to show off your brand, products, and services.

UEFA, Unilever, HTC, GM, Zain, and Moody’s are some big brands currently using ChatBot to stay on top of their games.

ChatBot Features

  • A number of integrations are available, including Messenger, Slack and WordPress.
  • You can also add a widget to websites that aren’t on WordPress.
  • Other channels, like Whatsapp, Skype and Twitter, are currently being voted for.
  • A number of helpful tutorials are available, which are helpfully categorized by level
  • Unlimited conversion scenarios.

Click here to check out ChatBot.

chatbot main banner

MobileMonkey Review – Best Chatbot For Facebook Messenger

MobileMonkey is a software solution that lets you create bots using their OmniChat technology. These bots work in web chat, Messenger, and through SMS text messages. It helps you build intelligent chatbots to take your Facebook Messenger marketing to the next level. MobileMonkey is aimed at non-technical users and offers full-service support to help you get up and running.

With MobileMonkey, you can deploy various lead generation tools such as chat blasts or broadcast messages. You can also build drip campaigns to enhance your marketing efforts.

It also allows you to automate customer service by providing the answers to frequently asked questions and reduce wait time. It allows for easy human intervention and lets you override your chatbot and to enter the conversation at any time.

Big brands like DocsApp, Outdoorsy, VMware, Toyota, Century 21, and Hush Puppies currently use MobileMonkey to build intelligent chatbots for their Facebook marketing.

MobileMonkey Features

  • Manage numerous lead generation activities such as chat blasts, drip campaigns, and list building
  • Automate customer service by providing answers to FAQs
  • Ability to override your intelligent chatbot and jump into the conversation
  • Possible to connect with WordPress
  • Great sequencing features for drips

Click here to visit MobileMonkey.

mobilemonkey ai chatbot

Tars Review – Best ChatBot for Landing Pages

Tars is an AI chatbot tool that lets you create conversational landing pages. Essentially, this means replacing a traditional landing page with a chatbot. This lets you easily qualify leads and earn more customers. Tars is well optimized for mobile users and WhatsApp, providing a natural and easy chatbot conversation.

Making a chatbot is quite straightforward using Tars. You can either create a conversation workflow from scratch, or you can use a pre-built template. Visitors are more likely to turn into paying customers after they experience a personlized chatbot that figures out wheat they need.

Some companies using Tars are DHL, American Express, Bajaj Finsery, and more.

Tars Features

  • Conversational bots replace traditional landing pages
  • Unique Chatbot URLs
  • API integration so that you can place Tars on any website
  • Bot design customization
  • Conversation workflow creation to customize your visitor’s experience

Click here to view Tars AI Chatbot.

tars ai chatbot

Gobot Review – Best Chatbot For Shopify

Gobot is one of the best AI chatbots for businesses running on Shopify. It integrates with Shopify to drive more revenue and slash support tickets. It also boost of email and SMS opt-ins, and collects customer profile data with bots and shoppable quizzes.

You can have one-on-one conversations with your customers 24/7 and answer their questions without the need to intervene manually through Gobot.

But that’s not all.

It can help you automatically qualify leads and connect them with your sales representatives. While it does help with winning new customers, you can also improve your customer satisfaction with it.

Thousands of stores rely on Gobot, including Blush & Bar, CAREX, and Havard University.

Gobot Features

  • It integrates with Shopify and MailChimp
  • Ability to override your AI chatbot and jump into the conversation
  • Great sequencing features for drips

Click here to view Gobot.

gobot ai chatbot

Gorgias Review – Best AI Chatbot For Customer Satisfaction

Gorgias is the best Chatbot solution for customer service. It is the all-in-one helpdesk for customer service and live chat. It collects customer support messages from every channel (email, live chat, phone, etc.) into one view to help you streamline your support tickets.

Gorgias integrates with Magento, Instagram, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, Slack, and much more.

It also has the most powerful integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus, so you can see order details for a customer. You can also see refund, cancel, or duplicate orders without leaving the helpdesk app. Use templates, automations, rules, and macros to cut support time. Your support team will be more productive and your customers will love you.

Some brands using Gorgias include 310 Nutrition, BOKKSU, STEVE, MADDEN, MUMT, and much more.

Gorgias Features

  • Gorgias connects all your support channels
  • Smart autoresponders
  • Chat campaigns
  • Revenue dashboard for tracking your sales
  • Anti-collision tools for mentions and internal notes.
  • Conversation history
  • Gorgias connects all your support channels
  • Smart autoresponders
  • Chat campaigns
  • Revenue dashboard for tracking your sales
  • Anti-collision tools for mentions and internal notes.
  • Conversation history

Click here to visit Gorgias.

gorgias ai chatbot

ShoutOUT Review – Best Text Message Chatbot

ShoutOUT is the customer messaging platform for all kinds of businesses to reach their customers via the preferred channel – SMS, Email, WhatsApp & Messenger. ShoutOUT supports businesses to keep in touch with their customers by automated, personalized and targeted SMS and Emails. ShoutOUT also has WhatsApp Business API & Facebook Messenger integration too for extra customization.

ShoutOUT facilitates businesses to track customer actions in different channels and have a better understanding of consumer behaviors/patterns.

The company works with over 300+ brands in 40+ countries with 3500+ users such as Sampath Bank, DSI Tyres, Mobil, Abans, etc.

ShoutOUT Features

  • 2-way messaging
  • SMS & Email marketing platform
  • SMS API for developers
  • WhatsApp and Messenger integration & chatbot automation features
  • ShoutOUT forms, surveys, and SMS polls

Click here to check out ShoutOUT.

shoutOUT ai chatbopt

Botsup Review – Easiest AI Chatbot

The Botsup AI chatbot lets you combine live chat and an automated chatbot, like many of the tools on this list. It also integrates with the most popular CRMs and email marketing services. Botsup markets itself as the easiest Chatbot to get up and started with.

Botsup allows you to proactively start conversations with customers engaged with the products or services on your website. It uses conversations for conversions and allows you to create scenarios that help you get more sales.

It offers integrations with many third-party tools such as Zendesk, Help Scout, and more. Botsup is more suitable for fairly large businesses, and the pricing reflects that.

ABC Banks, VMware, Outdoorsy, and some NGOs are currently using Botsup to virtually engage with their customers.

Botsup Features

  • No code is required to setup your Chatbot for your website or Whatsapp
  • Drag and drop interface builder to custmoize your bot how you want
  • Create personalized messages for any scenario
  • Lightning fast loading times that never disappoint

Click here to check out Botsup.

botsup ai chatbot

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a software application that lets visitors and customer interact and chat with a computer system instead of a live human. Chatbots are preferred over basic human conversations for a few different reasons:

  • It can be live 24/7.
  • It provides instant answers.
  • Smart AI chatbots can understand desire and give personalized answers and actions.
  • It can gather data for you to understand and capitalize on.

Artificial intelligence can take a basic chatbot and supercharge it with some really unique and advanced features.

Artificial Intelligence

An AI Chatbot is one that offers extra customization that lets you tailor your bot for your business. Some of the most common AI features that a chatbot offers are:

  • The ability to customize messages automatically based on a user’s demographic, viewing history, referral source or other personalized feature.
  • The option to automatically follow up or send users to different funnels.
  • Features to automatically integrate into your website without coding.
  • The ability to understand the context of a customer’s question and automatically respond in plain english.

Why is everyone using Chatbots?

If you are a business that isn’t using a Chatbot yet, you are missing out! The stats from Hubspot don’t lie:

  • 71% prefer using chatbots for customer service because they get instant answers fast.
  • Chatbots increase conversions on your website by 45%.
  • Almost 50% of shoppers are willing to buy something completely from a bot

So if you want to keep up with the competition, install and try out a Chatbot today. Next, we take a look at the best chatbots available today, focusing on ones that use artificial intelligence to make things really easy for you.

How to Integrate a Chatbot into your Website

So you understand the benefits and you want to integrate an AI chatbot into your website today. How do you go about doing it?

The easiest way is to click on any of the links above and get started. Each website has documentation showing you how to get setup and started relatively quickly. Most of the options we featured above do not require any extra coding knowledge and you can be up and running fast.

If you don’t have time to integrae a chatbot into your website by yourself – Contact us! We provide AI consulting services to help you get up and running:

  • Install AI software on your website
  • Configure and setup dashboards and analytics on your software
  • Optimize your AI tools as you go to increase engagement, customers, and visitors to your website
  • Provide continuous updates and long-term consulting for your business.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more and discussing the details.

Which AI chatbot is the best for your business? Comment down below and let us know what you use today!

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