Writesonic AI Review: The New Best Article Creator?

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There are a lot of article generators on the market. That said, Writesonic might be the best one. While all of these article creators have their pros and cons, Writesonic has the most features. And if you’re a blogger, you need as many features as you can get.

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My Review

Even though Writesonic is a newer AI article generator, we love how easy the interface is and how accurate the results are. We’ve used it to generate full blog articles before that require minimal editing. The tool users GPT-3 as its backbone, which is the buzz in the industry right now. The free trial gives you 10 free credits every month, which is a really nice perk for casual users who want to try it out first.

Features We Like

  • Can create full blog articles from AI
  • There is no more guesswork on creating content that converts
  • It can write copy that resonates with your audience
  • It can help you generate leads in less time
  • The content is SEO optimized
Best ForEntrepreneurs
Price$15 to $194 per month
Discount2 months free for yearly subscription
Promotion5 day trial

Writesonic has a very generous free plan!

For example, Writesonic has the capability to create:

  • Full blog posts
  • Blog ideas
  • Blog intros
  • Emails
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Product Descriptions
  • Growth Ideas

And more! See how well Writesonic generated a full blog article for us down below.

The tool is similar to Snazzy AI, which also launched recently. However, Snazzy hasn’t introduced full articles yet, which gives Writesonic an advantage today.

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Table Of Contents

What is Writesonic?

With so many article-writing services on the market, what makes Writesonic stand out from the rest?

Writesonic is the tool formally known as MagicFlow. MagicFlow was AI-powered content marketing assistant that made it easy for you to compose high-performing landing pages, ads, and product descriptions.

MagicFlow was an AI text generator that ran through a series of diagnostic and prescriptive measures to help businesses create engaging, audience-focused content.

The MagicFlow base code has been fleshed out to provide more features, including automatic full blog post writing.

Writesonic is an easy-to-use, universal article-making software. Something that any blogger, freelance writer, or entrepreneur could use.

Click here to sign up for Writesonic.

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Writesonic Features

Writesonic uses GPT-3 and its own artificial intelligence to automatically create content for websites, emails, and ads. All generator categories work in a similar way: You enter in your business or article title and a description and the tool does the rest!

Website Copy

Writesonic can create unique text for your website, including:

  • Landing Pages
  • Headers

In the future, the tool will create SEO meta descriptions for your pages as well.

Digital Ads Copy

Writesonic can create Facebook and Google ad headings and text. It helps you create more eye-catching ad copy that will convert to more clicks.

Coming soon, the tool will also introduce Instagram and Twitter ad generation automatically too.

writesonic review generate facebook ads

Article/Blog Copy

Blog posts was the feature that drew us in the most. The tool lets lets you create:

  • Blog ideas
  • Blog intros
  • Blog outlines
  • Listicle ideas
  • Full blog posts!

Writesonic is an automatic AI article writer that can create content for your website without human help.

Special Content

Writesonic has a few other special areas of content it can write for you;

  • Article summaries
  • Growth ideas
  • Pain-agitate-solution

Pain-agitate-solution is a common copywriting technique for writing more engaging content. It involves understanding the pain points of your readers, stirring it up to cause discomfort, and then offering the perfect solution.

Other areas that this AI tool can generate for you are startup ideas, YouTube titles, product descriptions, and more!

Overall, the feature list offered is pretty impressive. And the pricing, which we get into next, is not too bad either.

Writesonic Pricing

The tool comes with four different pricing tiers for members to try out.


The free Writesonic plan lets you preview the service before you pay anything. For free, you can generate the following:

  • Landing Pages
  • Startup Ideas
  • Growth Ideas
  • YouTube Titles
  • Listicle Ideas

You also get 10 credits to use towards premium generation like ads, product descriptions, or blog posts. Most features cost 1 credit, but blog posts are 1 credit per two sections.


The starter plan is $25 per month and includes 50 premium credits to use. It is for new marketers who want to see what an AI content creator can offer.

The Starter Plan will let you generate between three and six blog posts per month if that’s your main focus.


The professional plan is $89 per month and comes with an unlimited number of credits to use. You can generate ads, headings, and descriptions as much as you want.

Advanced features are limited to 100 credits per month in this plan. Advanced features include:

  • AI Article Writer
  • Blog Ideas
  • Blog Intros
  • Blog Outlines

The Professional Plan also comes with priority support if you need any help.


For $449 per month, you can subscribe to the Business plan. This gives you unlimited access to the service, plus 1000 credits per month to the advanced features above.

For 1000 credits, you can generator 60-120 full articles per month, depending how complex they are.

Quality of Generation

How good or bad does Writesonic generate copy and ideas for you? Overall, it is the same or better than other GPT-3 tools which have come out so far.

After signing up, we quickly went over to the Growth Ideas section to see what kind of ideas it would give us for Find New AI.

writesonic review growth ideas

Create a tool that helps small business find the right AI software to use. When a business signs up for the tool, they are given a list of AI software that matches their needs. The tool should also give the business information about what each software does, how much it costs, and whether it has been tested by Find New AI.

Writesonic Review of “Growth Ideas”

Not bad, not bad at all!

For Google Ad ideas, this is what the AI tool generated for us.

writesonic google ad example

Some tweaking required, but not bad overall.

Finally, we asked Writesonic to generate us blog post titles for a list on the best AI SEO Tools to use.

writesonic listicle ideas

Other than the uses of 2018 and 2019, the tool didn’t do so bad!

You might want to know, how well does the tool generate full blog posts? Well, this post you are reading was generated automatically by Writesonic and then edited before posting! Overall, we found that the article was about 60% ready to post after generating.

Writesonic is a proprietary company with not a lot of good article sources on the internet. For more generalized focus keywords, we think the AI article creator could create 80% or more of your text for you.

Overall, we would highly recommend trying the tool out for yourself. It can generate you a lot of good content ideas with artificial intelligence!


There are a ton of great article generators using GPT-3 out there that do a great job. But, there is something about Writesonic that I really like.

Whether you’re a blogger or a website owner, you need to create original content for your website. You need content that your audience will actually want to read. That’s what Writesonic help you create.

The tool simplifies content creation big time. And the fact that it generates full blog posts is a great selling feature! Sign up today and give it a try.

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