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AI software with smart and intelligent features are very on trend right now. AppSumo is a service that gathers deals on software from around the internet. In this guide, we take a look at all the AI software on AppSumo for you to take advantage of.

These tools are designed around:

  • Helping you automate your SEO
  • Organizing your projects and email
  • Growth tactics for getting more customers
  • Intelligent tools to create websites, apps, and content

Many of the tools below we have feature in other guides on the website. Through AppSumo, you get huge discounts on this software.

Let us know what deals you have taken advantage of!

The Best AI Software on AppSumo

  1. James AI
  2. Kriya AI
  3. Sidekick AI
  4. 10WebClick here to visit the official site.
  5. Inksprout
  6. MarketMuse
  7. Biq
  8. LinguixClick here to visit the official site.
  9. Morphio
  10. Pixlr
  11. WritesonicClick here to visit the official site.
  12. Screpy

What is AppSumo?

AI is a deals website that specializes in digital content and Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. It partners with companies to offering lifetime discounts on software for extremely discounted prices.

A lot of the software deals on AppSumo are for intelligent software that makes your life easier and uses AI. For this reason, AppSumo is the perrfect partner for us! We are tracking all AI Software on AppSumo to present the best deals we think you should take advantage of.

Next, we will take a look at an overview of all deals on AI software on AppSumo.

James AI – AI Productivity Tool

James AI helps you to save a lot of time when planning and structuring tasks. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate to-do lists and show you the best task to do next. Information is based on over 30 data points while the system simultaneously learns the users working habits.

James AI is for small Agencies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs looking to increase productivity and eliminating procrastination. For just $29, you get lifetime access to James AI.

Click here to view James AI on AppSumo.

james ai appsumo deal

Kriya AI – AI Outreach Software

Kriya AI finds relevant professionals for your business and writes a personalized, smart email introduction based on work history, summary, school history, and more. The tool uses AI to automatically find relevant contacts in your niche.

Kriya AI is made for professionals looking to optimize email outreach. For just $49, you get lifetime access through AppSumo.

Click here to view Kriya AI on AppSumo.

Sidekick AI – AI Meeting Scheduling Tool

Sidekick uses AI to reclaim people’s time by scheduling meetings automatically for you. Using machine learning and neural-language processing, Sidekick gathers all relevant data about a meeting request and then schedules it with all participants.

The top 3 features of Sidekick are Forward to schedule, Inbound Link, and Availability Management. It is made for anyone who has a lot of meetings. For just $59, you get lifetime access through AppSumo.

Click here to view Sidekick AI on AppSumo.

sidekick ai appsumo deal

10Web – AI Website Builder

10Web is a website builder that uses intelligence to automatically create professional web pages. It is for agencies and marketers that need an easy, non-techy way to make attractive, functional websites.

10Web was featured in our best AI website builders guide. For just $59, you can get lifetime access to 10Web.

Click here to view 10Web on AppSumo.

MarketMuse – AI SEO Writing Tool

MarketMuse is an AI-based content research tool. It makes recommendations about your content as you are writing, making sure that you follow good SEO standards. MarketMuse measures your content quality and see how well it matches the user intent of any topic, so you can publish with confidence.

MarketMuse was featured in our best AI SEO Tools guide. For just $69, you get lifetime access to MarketMuse through AppSumo.

Click here to view MarketMuse.

marketmuse appsumo deal

Inksprout – Social Media Writing Tool

Inksprout is an AI writing assistant for social media posts. It is a Chrome extension that will seed your “Create Post” with the article summarization. You are free to use the summarized text as a quote, or edit it to add a personal message.

Inksprout is for any content creator or social media influencer. For $46.80, you get lifetime access to Inksprout through AppSumo.

Click here to view Inksprout on AppSumo.

Biq – AI SEO Software

Biq is an alternative to Ahrefs, SEMRush, and other SEO tools. It gives you AI-guided content optimization and discovers hidden rankings in the top 100 positions to boost your performance. Biq will do smart keyword research for you and recommend content for your website.

Biq is best for marketers, agencies, and growth hackers looking to increase their site’s SEO ranking in less time. For $49, you get lifetime access to BiQ.

Click here to view the Biq AI Software on AppSumo.

biq ai appsumo deal

Linguix – AI Writing Assistant

Linguix is an AI writing assistant that helps you create awesome emails, articles, and social media posts. It automatically checks your spelling and grammar on the fly and makes content-aware recommendations you should implement.

Marketers, blog writers and non-native English writers use Linguix to improve their writing as they go. For just $59, you get lifetime access to the tool.

Click here to view Linguix on AppSumo.

Morphio – AI Digital Marketing Tool

Morphio is a software tool that helps digital marketers make smarter decisions about their business. It comes with AI-powered marketing audits, anomaly detection, and forecasting to increase your ROI. It can monitor your website’s health, downtime, and SEO so that you don’t have to.

Digital marketers, ad consultants, and advertising agencies use Morphio to automate their marketing efforts. For $59, you get lifetime access to Morphio.

Click here to view the Morphio AI Software on AppSumo.

morphio appsumo deal

Pixlr – AI Photo Editor

Pixlr is an AI photo editor tool that edits your content in one click. You can enhance any photo with filters, overlays, icons, and more. Remove image background using artificial intelligence in one click.

Pixlr works completely in your browser – no installation required. Any content creators can get lifetime access to Pixlr through AppSumo for just $49.

Click here to view more information on Pixlr.

Writesonic – AI Content Generator

Writesonic is a GPT-3 based content generator that uses AI to generate:

  • full blog articles
  • Facebook/Google ad text
  • Growth ideas
  • Blog and email titles
  • a bunch more!

Writesonic is the only tool that lets you create full blog articles with GPT-3. It is one of our top article generator tools. Through AppSumo, you can get lifetime access for $60.

Click here to view Writesonic on AppSumo.

writesonic ai appsumo deal

Screpy – AI SEO Web Analysis

Screpy allows you to monitor and analyze your websites in one single dashboard. You can view your website’s SEO performance, page speed, ranking keywords, and content changes in a single spot. You get instant notifications when something changes.

Website owners and marketers who want to improve website ranking and performance use Screpy daily. For just $49, you get lifetime access to the tool.

Click here to view more information on the Screpy AI software on AppSumo.

AppSumo is an awesome resource for software tools that make your life easier. If you purchased any of the lifetime deals in this guide, comment below and let others know!

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