101+ AI Software Tools to Check Out for Free

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AI Software to Gain More Customers

Attract more customers to your business, software, or online tool with the AI software below. They can help you reach your goals faster than before.


Acobot helps e-commerce websites engage your visitors, turn them into customers, and keep them coming back for more – all with AI. Its an impressive tool that helps you with 6 different areas: assisted shopping, lead generation, cart recovery, email marketing, discount coupons, and loyalty programs.

Click here to view Acobot.ai.


Morphl is an artificial intelligence tool that learns how your visitors interact with your website and business. It redirects them down specific marketing paths in order to turn them into a customer. Morphl creates personalized incentives, emails, and popups to drive more customers to your business.

Click here to view Morphl.

Octane AI

Octane AI is a personalized quiz, messenger, and text message software made specifically for Shopify store. It analyzes customer flow and insights in order to create unique marketing opportunities that drive more customers.

Click here to view Octane AI.


Ripe.ai collects customer insights and analyzes it to increase the effectiveness of your products and services. Using artificial intelligence, Ripe.ai helps you to increase your engagement and understand your user base.

Click here to view Ripe.ai.


Timely is an appointment booking app for brick and mortar stores. It gives customers an online portal to book a time, pay up front, and receive appointment consulting. This tool uses intelligence to maximize your bookings and customers in the day.

Click here to view Timely.


Pixamattic is a suite of tools to get you new customers. It automatically creates visual graphics using AI and publishes your contents to social media. Pixamattic also works to send users to your sales funnel more to increase sales.

Click here to view Pixamattic.

AI Software Tools for SEO

These SEO tools and services help you rank higher in search engines. They’ll help you find good keywords using artificial intelligence to automate your decision-making.

Click here or on the image below to read more about these AI software tools for SEO.


Diib helps users automate their SEO, increase rankings, and benchmark against competitor websites. It uses AI to build a customized growth plan, offer automated analytics, and keep track of your progress as you grow.

Click here to view Diib.


Frase helps you create content that is aligned with user intent, rank 1st on Google, and create content that is usable by voice devices. This SEO tool uses AI to help your visitors answer questions.

Click here to view Frase.


Linkhunter is a unique tool that automates the way you perform link building and relationship building for SEO. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically find websites on the internet that are good candidates for you to contact and reach out to. For those that hate link building, Linkhunter is the tool you’ve been missing.

Click here to view Linkhunter.


Alli is an SEO tool that makes recommendations about keywords to target and pages to optimize. You can add a line of code to your website and automatically apply SEO improvements through JavaScript from within Alli.

Click here to view Alli.

Can I Rank

Can I Rank is an automated SEO tool that recommends keywords to target and pages to optimize. It also analyzes your competitor’s backlinks and makes recommendations on websites to target for link building.

Click here to view Can I Rank.


INK is a word editor that is made to optimize your SEO. By entering in your focus keyword, INK will make sure you optimize it while you write. INK recommends similar keywords to target, and score your article by its chance to rank in the top 10 of Google.

Click here to view INK.


MarketBrew helps you increase your rankings on Google and other search engines. It provides you with concise, calibrated reports with actionable SEO data and reliable ranking insights.

Click here to view MarketBrew.

Morphio AI

Morphio AI is an analytics tool that tracks your Analytics account and makes SEO recommendations to improve your rankings. The tool also tracks your competitor’s rank changes automatically so that you know how to capitalize.

Click here to view Morphio AI.


MarketMusic uses intelligence to plan out your content strategy plan on your website. It recommends articles and keywords to target that you have a high chance to rank for based on your domain authority.

Click here to view MarketMuse.


BrightEdge is a software tool that gives you real-time analytics about what people are searching. It shows you what content your competitors are writing about and what keywords you should target yourself.

Click here to view BrightEdge.

AI Software for Marketing

The AI software tools below are for company marketing and SEO experts to quickly identify new business opportunities, relationships, and analytics.


Windsor.ai tracks your customers from their referral source (Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc) all the way through to purchase. It offers AI intelligence to show you your ROI for each traffic source, letting you focus your marketing efforts in the right spot.

Click here to view Windsor.ai.


Cogito offers real-time conversational guidance for those in the help desk or phone support role. The marketing software can track your energy and empathy level, or the responsiveness of the customer and make real-time AI decisions and suggestions.

Click here to view Cogito.


Affable.ai finds you good influencers in Youtube, Facebook, TikTok and other social media networks that you can partner with to promote your business. Affable shows analytics about the influencer’s reach, target market, and demographics so that you can spend effort partnering with the right brands.

Click here to view Affable.ai.


AnswerRocket is a Google Analytics alternative which does a better job of analyzing your data and giving you smart recommendations and actions. If you find Analytics too hard to get value out of, AnswerRocket’s software is for you.

Click here to view AnswerRocket.


Metaranx is a no code software platform that allows you to use and build artificial intelligence applications to understand your data. It is a drag and drop tool that allows you to market better on social media.

Click here to view Metaranx.

AI Software For Words / Article Writing

This AI software helps you automatically write content or manipulate words more effectively. There are also tools to help you translate text into other languages below too.

Click here or on the image below to go to our detailed AI Article Writing guide. We go into the features of the AI software below in more detail.


Writesonic uses GPT-3 and its own proprietary artificial intelligence platform to create quality audience-centric website content. The big advantage of Writesonic is that it is able to automatically generate full blog post articles with AI.

Click here to view Writesonic.


Kafkai is an AI writer that is geared towards SEO and digital marketers. It boasts about using machine learning to continuously improve its generator and create content that is relevant.

Click herre to view Kafkai.

Article Forge

Article Forge writes completely unique, on-topic, high-quality articles with the click of a button. Enter an article title and the service scans the internet and creates relevant copy that you can use.

Click here to view Article Forge.


AI-Writer is an automated article writer that writes raw and unique content based on your article title. Enter an article title and receive an article in one minute.

Click here to view AI-Writer.


WordAi uses artificial intelligence to understand text and is able to automatically rewrite your article with the same readability as a human writer. This AI tool understands idea and concepts and is the most popular word spinner today.

Click here to view WordAI.


Topic makes creating blog posts faster. It takes your focus keyword and automatically shows you what words are used in the top 30 Google search results. It also creates your post outline for you and grades your final result with its proprietary algorithm before you post.

Click here to view Topic.


Linguix is a writing assistant which corrects your grammar and makes context recommendations live. It learns your writing style as you type. Linguix can be integrated into all popular apps, word documents, and web browsers.

Click here to view Linguix.


Grammarly lets you compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing. It corrects your grammar on the go and recommends improvements as you write using artificial intelligence which understands context. Grammarly can be embedded into the most popular word apps.

Click here to view Grammarly.


Genei instantly summarizes any web-page using artificial intelligence and natural language processing models. It is good for creating post summaries or for post research.

Click here to view Genei.


IdeasAI is a business idea generator. It uses GPT-3 to automatically create useful business ideas. Ideas are up-voted or down-voted and can be used as inspiration for your next business.

Click here to view IdeasAI.


Fluently is AI software which can take your input text and automatically translate it into another language. You can create content in another language on the fly while you compose in your mother-tongue.

Click here to view Fluently.

Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach analyzes the text on your website and make recommendations about how to update and re-write text in a better way. It provides one-click updates to your text and tracks your SEO performance changes.

Click here to view Atomic Reach.


MagicFlow is a content marketing AI software assistant. It simplifies composing high-performing landing pages, product descriptions, ads, and blog posts. It is trained on real life examples and knows how to generate text that gets more leads, sales and brand recognition.

Click here to view MagicFlow.

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