Best AI Grammar Checker Tools For Better Writing Today

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Modern grammar tools use artificial intelligence to automatically fix your sentences and make you a better writer. In this guide, we go over the best AI grammar checker tools with smart features that can help you out today.

Grammar tools are perfect for:

  • Blog and article writers
  • Businesses trying to build a social presence
  • Students and academics
  • Freelance writers and publishers

In this guide, we specifically cover:

  • The best AI grammar checker tools today
  • Key features in some of our favorite tools
  • The advantage using AI over traditional grammar checkers

If you have a favorite AI grammar checker tool or some suggestions, comment down at the bottom of this guide.

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What are the Best AI Grammar Checker Tools?

Here are our picks for the best AI grammar checker tools:

  1. Quillbot
  2. Grammarly
  3. Linguix
  4. AI Grammar
  5. Trinka
  6. Ginger Software
  7. Hemingway App
  8. After the Deadline
  9. Wordtune
  10. Writer
  11. Gramara

Next, we go into each grammar tool in more detail!


Best AI Grammar Tool

Quillbot is a tool that can help you review your writing, sentences, or grammar. It’s the perfect editing tool for freelance writers, bloggers, editors, and proofreaders. It uses artificial intelligence to help polish your content, avoid mistakes, and shine your ideas instead of typos. We prefer the intelligence in Quillbot to any other tool.

We really like how simple Quillbot is to use. Either begin typing directly into the text box or copy and paste your text into the text box. Quillbot will then underline all the errors in the content and also provide replacement options. Hit the “Fix All Errors” button or replace each error one at a time.

Quillbot can correct over 250 types of spelling, grammar, and stylistic mistakes, including verbs, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, typography, homonyms, and punctuation. This tool is also compatible with MS Office applications with the help of Firefox and Chrome extensions. 

Quillbot Features

  • Quillbot supports third-party integrations.
  • It uses an advanced syntactical recognition algorithm.
  • Can correct over 250 types of common grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • It offers useful suggestions to enhance your content. 

Click here to view Quillbot.

quillbot best ai grammar checker tool


Best Grammar Checker With Maximum Compatibility

Grammarly is the world’s best tool for grammar check, spelling check, punctuation errors, and more. It is suitable for bloggers, ghost writers, academicians, and novel writers. Grammarly lets you check over 100,000 characters at one time.

Grammarly has an editor where you need to copy and paste your content into. This tool will then use artificial intelligence to check your content for clarity, correctness, engagement, and delivery. The tool also lets you do text formatting such heading tags, italic, bold, and other stuff. 

You can use Grammarly directly on your WordPress site or email through the Firefox or Chrome extension. There is also a desktop software tool for Mac and Windows. We really like how compatible Grammarly is with whatever word editing way you prefer.

Grammarly is optimized for blog posts and we use it all the time to stay on track and correct in our posts.

Grammarly Features 

  • Grammarly has a robust algorithm that thoroughly scans your writing errors.
  • The paid version comes with plagiarism checker.
  • It can detect missing citations.
  • Gives suggestions to enhance vocabulary and sentence structure

Click here to view Grammarly.

grammarly best ai grammar checker tool

Linguix Grammar Check

Best Chrome Extension

Linguix is one of the best AI-powered writing assistants that gives users writing or editing recommendations as free Google Chrome extensions. It is suitable for editors, ghostwriters, bloggers, and business people. 

Linguix uses AI to provide content-appropriate best grammar punctuation, grammar, and style suggestions. It also checks your text for errors and highlights areas that need improvement. 

Linguix offers explanations for writing errors and helps make academic and personal projects, as well as business emails read and look better. The browser extension helps to fix grammar errors everywhere on the web, including email, messaging apps, Google Docs, and lots more. 

Linguix Grammar Check Features

  • Linguix can help you paraphrase and rewrite sentences.
  • It has advanced insights and readability scores.
  • Browser extension and third-party tools integration.

Click here to view Linguix Grammar Check.

linguix best ai grammar checker tool

AI Grammar 

Best AI Grammar Report

AI Grammar is a writing assistant for both new and professional writers, bloggers, editors, proofreaders, and book writers. Whether hashing out business, proofreading workplace emails, writing academic English papers, or social writing, this tool can help you correct grammar errors and enhance the readability of your content. 

It has a text editor where you can write directly into the text box or copy-paste your content into the text box for review. AI Grammar uses artificial intelligence to generate text reports, helping you keep track of your sentence structure, word count, readability score, paragraph length, passive voice use, and more. 

AI Grammar offers extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

AI Grammar Features

  • AI Grammar has Word Associator to find contextual word associations.
  • It comes with detailed statistics on readability score, reading time, word count, and more.
  • You can customize the settings to suit your writing style.
  • AI Grammar lookups words in dictionaries, thesaurus, on Google and Wikipedia.

Click here to view AI Grammar

ai grammar best ai grammar checker tool


Best Grammar Tool for Academics

Trinka is an online language correction and grammar checker tool for technical and academic writing. It uses AI to identify difficult errors unique to technical and academic writing that other grammar checker tools don’t support. From scientific tone and style to advanced English grammar errors, and everything in between, Trinka checks it all. 

Trinka can correct over 3,000 complex grammar errors. It is suitable for academics, engineers, and those who love writing. It corrects misspellings and grammatical mistakes and provides useful suggestions to enhance your content and the quality of writing. It also corrects errors and spellings based on the US and UK English. 

Trinka Features

  • Trinka has an built-in text editor where you write directly or copy-paste text into.
  • It helps users write logical sentences based on context and grammar rules. 
  • It provides suggestions to improve your use of the English language. 

Click here to view Trinka

trinka best ai grammar checker tool

Ginger Software

Best SEO Grammar Checker

Ginger Software is a spell and grammar checker system that helps writers, bloggers, ghostwriters, and editors write fast and better. Thanks to its spelling, punctuation, and grammar checking tools, Ginger Software highlights all the grammar errors and incorrect sentences in your content. 

Ginger also offers useful suggestions to make your content readable for SEO purposes. We think this a great niche for Ginger to focus on, as SEO blog writers is a powerful market to capture.

Ginger Software offers a wide range of features, including a translator with over 50 languages, dictionary, sentence rephraser, text reader, and a personal trainer to improve your use of the English language. It works with programs like Outlook, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and can be downloaded into Safari or Google Chrome. 

The free version of Ginger comes with browser add-ons, 40 languages translation, and allows up to 14 checks in a month. 

Ginger Software Features

  • Personalized practice sessions based on your own writing.
  • Third-party integration and browser extensions available.
  • It offers suggestions to enhance your content.
  • It can help you rephrase a sentence to make it original. 

Click here to view Ginger Software

ginger software best ai grammar checker tool

Hemingway App 

Best Readability Tool

Hemingway App is a free AI grammar checker tool available as a desktop app or an online editor. Unlike other grammar checker tools on the market, Hemingway App assesses the overall readability of your content and offers suggestions to improve your writing style. You can either type into the editor or copy-paste your content into the editor for assessment. 

After the assessment, this tool will then use AI to identify areas of the content that need improvement. You will receive instant feedback as you write, which appears in the sidebar on the right hand side of your screen. Hemingway App will provide you information on word count, the letter character, sentence count, paragraph, and the estimated reading time. 

If you are a blogger, ghostwriter, or editor looking for a great writing assistant, Hemingway App is the perfect tool for you.  

Hemingway App Features

  • The Hemingway App gives a readability score to enable you to improve on your writing style.
  • You can use this app both online and offline.
  • It incorporates automated readability index technology.
  • Third-party integration and browser extensions available.

Click here to view Hemingway App

hemingway app best ai grammar checker tool

After the Deadline

Best Developer Tools

After the Deadline is a grammar checker tool suitable for developers who desire a grammar checker tool for their websites. It can help you fix sentence formation, contextual errors, and spelling errors efficiently. It also provides useful suggestions to help you improve your content and writing style. 

It has a text editor where you can write error-free content for your websites. You can also copy and paste your content into the editor for assessment. Developers can use its open-source code or embed the tool in any application to achieve top-notch quality on any website. 

After the Deadline provides powerful customer support to guide newbies. 

After the Deadline Features

  • You can install this tool as a WordPress plugin to check spelling and grammar errors in the editor. 
  • This tool can translate more than 20 languages.
  • It helps with advanced styling and contextual spelling checks.
  • After the Deadline also detects misused words.

Click here to view After the Deadline

after the deadline best ai grammar checker tool


Best AI Writing Companion

Writing good content can be tough without a perfect writing assistant. Wordtune is that perfect writing assistant you should give serious consideration. Built in 2018 by AI21 Labs, Wordtune is a grammar checker tool for writers, bloggers, editors, ghostwriters, and proofreaders. This AI-powered tool aims to revolutionize the way we write and read. 

It comes with advanced AI tools and language models that understand the semantics and context of written text. Wordtune fixes grammar errors such as collocation, missing auxiliaries, double negatives, tense shifts, and more. This tool is also capable of correcting word choice, false cognates, contextual spelling errors, and punctuations. 

If you are looking for a tool to help you put your own thoughts into written words, look no further than Wordtune. We really like how it works with you to both correct your grammar and help you write content.

Wordtune Features

  • Wordtune’s AI engine can help you curate genre-specific editing suggestions to help you edit manuscripts without losing the context.
  • It instantly highlights the areas where you require editing.
  • Its Score and Fingerprint features help writers track the progress of their editing.

Click here to view Wordtune

wordtune best ai grammar checker tool


Best Third Party Integrations

Writer goes beyond and above standard grammar checkers. It’s an AI-powered writing assistant for bloggers, editors, and freelance writers. It covers the basics – tone, punctuation, and grammar and also offers suggestions where you need to make improvement to make your content readable. 

Writer aims to make sure you are writing with the right tone and using the right style and terminology for your audience. It also checks your text for bias, brand voice, writing style, conciseness, approachability, and clarity. 

Writer supports a wide range of integrations, including Slack, Twitter, WordPress, HubSpot, and much more. 

Writer Features

  • Writer lets you configure content suggestions to your brand voice.
  • Gives suggestions to enhance vocabulary and sentence structure.
  • Integrates with third-party tools like Google Docs and Chrome.
  • Writer can correct over 50 types of common grammar and spelling mistakes.

Click here to view Writer

writer best ai grammar checker tool


AI Grammar Check With Tone Detection

Gramara is the perfect grammar checker tool for students, teachers, bloggers, editors, and freelance writers who struggle with completing manuscripts without any errors. At its core, it uses artificial intelligence to check your content for clarity, correctness, engagement, and delivery.

Gramara has an built-in text editor where you can write directly or copy-paste your text into the box for review. The moment you start writing, Gramara will identify your writing style and offer tips to enhance your content

Gramara does a great job helping you avoid the excessive use of filler words, adverbs, phrases, and cliches. 

Gramara Features

  • Gramara offers tips to help make your text engaging and error-free.
  • Supports multiple formats, including Txt, Docx, Doc, and RTF. 
  • Assists with word suggestions, definitions, and word usage in sentences. 

Click here to view Gramara

gramara best ai grammar checker tool

What is an AI Grammar Checker

A grammar checker is a web tool or downloadable software that helps you write better sentences. It can correct common grammar mistakes such as:

  • Misplaced commas in your sentences
  • Using a passive voice
  • Simplifying hard to read sentences
  • Limiting adverbs

 AI tools add a layer of artificial intelligence to add extra features such as:

  • Predicting the intent of your sentences
  • Optimizing your writing for SEO and modern blog post styles
  • Helping you match focus keywords and alternative keyword suggestions
  • Optimization for the type of document you are writing (for example, a blog post vs a thesis)

To access the features above, we recommend trying out an AI grammar checker tool today. Above, we have a selection of our top 11 tools.

What AI grammar checker tools have you used before? Comment below and let us know what has worked well for you.

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