The 8 Best AI Podcast Tools: Create High Quality Podcasts

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Thousands of new podcasts are popping up monthly and creators are publishing high quality content faster than before. The AI podcast software tools in this guide help you create professional audio shows in less time.

In this guide, we’ll go over:

  • the key types of AI podcast tools
  • which ones you need to launch or improve your podcast today
  • how to download and get started with each one

If you use any AI podcast tools to help publish shows faster or clean up your audio, comment down at the bottom of this guide and let us know. We want to raise awareness and help others create good content.

The Best AI Podcast Software Tools

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Alitu
  3. Spreaker
  4. Podcast.co
  5. Descript
  6. Auphonic
  7. Squadcast
  8. Podcastle

Key Features in the Best AI Podcast Tools

Intuitive Editing

The best AI podcast tools should be equipped with highly intuitive editing tools. These editing tools should let you slide, dice, and rearrange your episodes quickly and in real-time.

Drag and Drop

The best AI postcast tool comes with drag and drop tools. Edit your show in minutes using highly intuitive drag and drop. These tools will cut down on your editing time and help publish your episodes on major podcast platforms.

Save Money On Fees And Equipment

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to studio managers for you to sound like you have a big budget. With the best AI-powered tools, you will sound like a professional and clean like your favorite big-studio shows.

Next, we review some of our favorite AI podcast tools in more detail!

Buzzsprout Review

Buzzsprout is the easiest way to host, promote, and track your podcast. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically master files and add transcription. It also adds analytics to your podcasts for quick tracking. With Buzzsprout, your podcast will appear on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, and Amazon Alexa.

Buzzsprout can help you host, distribute, share, and track your podcast. The platform streamlines features, favoring simplicity to get your episodes out into the world as quickly as possible. In fact, upload your audio file and Buzzsprout will take care of the rest. You can publish hour episodes immediately or schedule a time you want your listeners to listen to the podcast.

Buzzsprout Features

  • Lets you publish your episodes immediately or schedule it for another day
  • Magic Mastering feature optimizes your files automatically
  • Lets you add automatically add episode transcriptions
  • You have the option to add a podcast player to your website

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buzzsprout ai podcast sooftware tools

Alitu Review

Alitu is an AI podcast tool for both beginners and experienced podcasters. If you want to sound good and automate the complex part of production and editing, Alitu is perfect for you. Alitu uses AI to amplify compression and reduce background noise. It also uses AI to automatically cut out umhms.

This podcast tool is equipped with simple drag and drop tools for easy editing of your episodes. It will save you hours of final mixing and audio equalizing. Additionally, you can use Alitu to edit your mistakes and trim recordings. Plus, you can add music to your episodes fast.

Alitu uses AI to help you add intros, outros, and ad slots. So, if you are looking to become a solo podcaster, this tool will give you the winning strategies.

Alitu Features

  • Made for both newbie and experienced podcasters
  • Fully web-based; no software downloads required
  • Lets you fix mistakes, cut out silences, and polish up your episode.
  • Automates converting and cleaning up audio files
  • Drag and drop episode builder
  • Easy to remove any mistakes or add music and fades

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alitu ai podcast sooftware tools

Spreaker Review

Spreaker is an AI podcast tool for podcasting creation, hosting, publishing, and monetization. It uses artificial intelligence to enable you to produce your passion project or grow your podcast business. Spreaker has all the tools you need to succeed as a professional podcaster.

Publishing your episodes is a breeze with Spreaker. With the click of a button, your content can be heard instantly on various podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

With Spreaker, you don’t have to be an elite to monetize your content. As your audience listens to your podcast, you can earn money effortlessly.

Spreaker Features

  • Records HD video so you can upload your podcasts onto YouTube
  • Records separate lossless WAV tracks locally and in the cloud
  • Is equipped with a soundboard for live editing
  • Automatic post-production

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spreaker ai podcast sooftware tools

Podcast.co Review

Podcast.co is a powerful podcast tool that you can use to launch, distribute, and grow your podcast with ease. If you’re a professional podcaster, you can use Podcast.co for transcription. It also gives you a full dashboard to play sound effects and other live-effects.

Podcast.co uses AI to enable you to publish your content on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. It also lets you funnel listeners towards your episodes. If you’re looking for a podcast tool that will allow you to focus on creating great content, then give Podcast.co serious consideration.

Podcast.co Features

  • Fully-fledged pro-DAW with tons of advanced features
  • Android Audition Toolkit app to record, edit, and convert audio files
  • Royalty-free sound effects library
  • Essential Sound Panel to remove unwanted noises and achieve smooth sound

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podcast co ai podcast sooftware tools

Descript Review

Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor for podcasters. It works like a doc and is equipped with a screen recorder and full multitrack editing. Descript used AI to enable audio file editing and text rearrangement for smooth podcasting.

Its overdub feature allows podcasters to create a text to speech model of their voice. It also helps podcasters to easily correct their recordings with ease.

This podcast tool also uses AI to achieve quality in voice synthesis. Plus, it allows trusted collaborators to generate audio using your Overdub voice. This tool lets you create subtitles in your videos leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

Descript Features

  • You can record and edit podcasts with your iPhone or iPad
  • Professional-quality mixing and mastering
  • Works with a variety of plugins
  • Offers post-production effects
  • Can capture screen recording and remote recording.

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descript ai transcription software

Auphonic Review

Auphonic is an AI podcast tool that lets you clean up your audio files with the click of a button. If you are looking to use an interview format, Auphonic will automatically level your audio levels and make you sound like a professional podcaster.

First, you will upload your audio file and Auphonic’s algorithm will identify different music and voices. The tool will then process and optimize the sound separately so as to fine-tune your podcast’s audio quality.

Auphonic uses AI to achieve a professional quality result. It is perfect for podcasters, broadcasters, and radio shows. It is also perfect for movies and screencasts.

Auphonic Features

  • Automatically balances levels between speakers, music, and speech
  • Transcribes audio to over 80 languages
  • Automatic content deployment to YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Drive, Podlove, and more
  • Automatic noise and hum reduction

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auphonic ai podcast sooftware tools

Squadcast Review

SquadCast is your one-stop-shop podcast tool that lets you separate and sync audio from guests. You can easily edit the audio files from your guests. It is also a podcast recording solution that aims to simplify post-production and collaboration.

The problem of audio sync and lost recordings are a thing of the past with SquardCast. To start using this tool, you need to create an account and send an invite link to at least three guests. You can then start recording your episodes.

This podcast tool will then upload your content to the cloud and your local drive. After recording, you can drop each person’s separate audio track into a DAW for editing.

SquadCast Features

  • This tool has video capabilities to see your guests while you record
  • Guests using SquardCast don’t need an account
  • The Podcasts are backed up on the cloud
  • Eliminates audio drift and simplifies editing

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squadcast ai podcast sooftware tools

Podcastle Review

Podcastle is one of the best AI podcast tools that lets you bring your stories to life. It comes with everything that you need as a podcaster to easily produce high-quality content.

It uses the latest AI technologies to remove background noise, add realistic voice skins, and correct bad audio recordings. Podcastle let’s you convert your blog posts and articles to podcasts. It also lets you edit your content in real-time.

You can choose from different voice skins or publish your audio anywhere you want.

Podcastle Features

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Lets you record anywhere with the Hindenburg Field Recorder app
  • Supports all types of audio files
  • You can extract the best audio quality and automatically sets audio levels
  • Clipboard feature to store clips for later use

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podcastle ai podcast sooftware tools

The right AI podcast tool can really save you time. From pre-production to post-editing, there is a lot of software to help you out.

What AI podcast software do you like using? Comment below and let us know so that we can update this list!

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