8 Best AI Transcription Software: Automatic Audio to Text

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AI transcription software can take your audio and create accurate text from it. These tools use artificial intelligence to improve your life even further, including:

  1. Tracking who is talking.
  2. Detecting tone of voice.
  3. Providing analytics about the content in your discussion.

Check out some of the AI transription software below and see how cool this can be! If you know of any other similar software, comment down below and let us know.

The Best AI Transcription Software

  1. Sonix
  2. Otter AI
  3. Descript
  4. Trint
  5. Fireflies
  6. Gong
  7. Chorus
  8. Maestra

Key Features in the Best Transcription Software

Supports Audio and Video Playback

The best AI transcription software is a tool that supports both audio and video playback. In fact, it can transcribe audio and video files and give the output in different audio and video file formats.

Automatically Send And Receive Files

The best AI transcription software can automatically receive voice notes and send the transcribed text to other members of your team. It also uses AI to load new dictations found in the specified path, speeding up your business processes.

Works With Word And Other Text Editors

AI transcription software integrates with Word, Google Docs, and others. So if you prefer typing your transcriptions into a word processor, the software can run in the background while you control it using hot-keys.

Next, we take a look at some of our best AI transcription software in more detail.

Sonix Review

Sonix is an automated AI transcription software that lets you convert conversations to texts for easy collaboration. It is fast and accurate and also supports more than 40 languages. Sonix allows you to search, play, and edit your transcripts from any location on any device. This software is perfect for films, interviews, and meetings.

Sonix uses AI to translate your transcripts so that you can reach your global audience in seconds. It can also make your videos searchable, more engaging and accessible. It uses AI to customize and fine-tune your content to perfection.

Sonix is great for web publishing to drive more traffic to your website. The New Yorker, Scotiabank, and IBM use Sonix to transcribe voice notes to text in minutes.

Sonix Features

  • Lets you collaborate with your teams in real-time.
  • Equipped with collaboration tools for any sized team.
  • Easily organize and search your transcripts with Sonix.
  • Sonix comes with world class security and privacy to protect your personal information.

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sonix ai transcription software

Otter AI Review

Otter AI is a software tool that lets businesses and individuals generate rich notes for interviews, meetings, and lectures. With Otter AI, you can instantly transcribe audio and find what you need the most. This software allows you to skim through a long recording.

With Otter AI, you can keep every member of your team on the same page with live notes. Otter AI’s speaker ID feature lets you know who said what per time. Plus, you can create secure groups and edit shared notes with your teams. You can train Otter to recognize voices so that you can collaborate smarter.

Dropbox, IBM, and Tulane University are a few brands that use Otter AI to generate shareable smart notes for their team.

Otter AI Features

  • Can automatically generate shareable notes that sync text, audio, and images.
  • Lets you record conversations on your phone or web browser.
  • Lets you share or export voice notes to inform your team members.
  • Create groups using Otter AI to invite collaborators and keep organized.

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otter ai transcription software

Descript Review

Descript is an AI-powered collaborative audio/video editor that works like a document. Descript includes a screen recorder, transcription, and full multitrack editing. It also includes publishing and some mind-bendingly useful AI tools.

If you are looking to eliminate the tedious work between your idea and how to express your ideas, Descript is perfect for you. This software lets you focus on developing your craft instead of usage of tools. This AI transcription software can help you create subtitles in your videos. It leverages AI to enable team collaboration.

iHeart Media, BBC, and New York Times use Descript to collaborate with their team to improve their business processes in real-time.

Descript Features

  • Lets you capture screen recording and remote recording.
  • Allows you to edit videos and transcribe text to speech.
  • This tool can remove word fillers.
  • You can also edit podcasts within seconds.

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descript ai transcription software

Trint Review

Trint is an AI transcription software for businesses. It uses AI to automatically convert spoken words into text in 31 languages. Trint makes it easy for content creators to find the moments that matter. This AI transcription software also makes any video and audio editable, searchable, and shareable.

Trint connects teams for fast, seamless, and secure content creation. Individual entrepreneurs can also use Trint to convert recorded speech to text whether at home or in the office. In fact, this tool can help you capture high-quality content anywhere. It can record calls, read transcripts, and download audio files to your mobile phone.

AP, The Washington DC Post, SPIEGEL are some big brands using this software to meet deadlines.

Trint Features

  • Can help tell your brand story.
  • Comes with a built-in text editor for text adjustments.
  • Can transcribe your speech into more than 31 languages.
  • Integrates with popular apps, including Slack and Salesforce

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trint ai transcription software

Fireflies Review

Fireflies is your AI voice assistant for meetings and calls. It can transcribe and record voice Interaction across different channels. This speech to text converter automatically connects to your calendar for easy searching and access.

Users can include a meeting web-conferencing URL into their calendars. After the meeting, Fireflies sends you an email of the transcribed content. You can also find the email on your dashboard.

Fireflies uses AI to automatically record meetings and share conversations across different web-conferencing platforms. You can skim the transcripts while listening to the audio. Fireflies integrates with a number of apps, including Slack, Salesforce, and HubSpot.

Fox, Samsung, and Uber use this tool to improve their business operations.

Fireflies Features

  • Add comments to conversations to enable you to collaborate with your teammates.
  • Can review your call logs within seconds.
  • Can search across action items and give you insights on what’s happening in your industry.
  • Supports both audio and video file formats.

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fireflies ai transcription software

Gong Review

Gong is one of the best AI transcription software for remote sales teams. It can transcribe speech into text and also help you gain insights into what’s happening with your team. Gong leverages the power of AI to understand what’s happening in your deals and marketplace.

First, Gong captures your customer interactions across meetings, calls, and emails. Then, it quickly understands the messages in those interactions. It then delivers real-time insights that you can act on to win more sales.

Gong uses AI to understand which deals are real or risky. It then gives you insights on what to do to make every dollar in your pipeline count.

Drift, Monday.com, and PayScale use Gong to transform their team into quota-shattering super sellers.

Gong Features

  • Automatically captures your customer interactions across different calls and meetings.
  • Can help you identify churn signals in real-time.
  • Provides insights to coach your team to become better.
  • Helps you know what’s going on in your niche market.

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gong ai transcription software

Chorus Review

Chorus is AI transcription software that can shine the power of your story in every conservation. It uses the power of AI to convert audio or video into readable texts. Chorus receives meetings and calls from the source, then converts these inputs into text, and delivers the output where you need them.

This transcription software provides a scalable solution that captures your customers’ calls and meetings to create a process that delivers bottom line impact. Based on real customer interactions, your team can learn who needs coaching and what skills need to be developed. This information will help them to win more sales. 

Chorus can help you track quantifiable improvements and also track your programs. Zoom, DocuSign, Bill.com, and Adobe choose Chorus to improve their revenue base and bottom line.

Chorus Features

  • Can help you identify what top performers in your niche do differently.
  • Helps you replicate good behavior across your team.
  • Engages managers to impact outcomes.
  • Can measure progress over time.

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chorus ai transcription software

Maestra Review

Maestra is a super fast automatic video and audio to text converter. It has a powerful built in advanced text editor that you can use to edit the text to suit your needs. It is perfect for teams and individual entrepreneurs. It can translate content in more than 50 languages, including English and German.

If you are looking to grow your audience fast, Maestra provides the caption and voiceover services that you need to get started. Maestra uses the power of artificial intelligence to transcribe audio or recorded speech into text for users to collaborate. It exports in multiple formats, including PDF, Word, and MaestraCloud.

It also uses AI to correct any mistakes and also add additional languages without paying extra charges. Zoom, Adobe, PayScale, and BBC use this speech to text converter to streamline their business processes in real-time.

Maestra Features

  • Automatically generates captions and subtitles for your videos.
  • Can add voiceover and edit your videos into foreign languages.
  • Comes with a built-in text editor for text adjustments.
  • Can transcribe your speech into more than 50 languages.

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maastra ai transcription software

Does your business or team need AI transcription software? Try one of the options above or comment down below and let us know what you ended up going with.

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