CanIRank Review: The King of AI SEO Software

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CanIRank is smart SEO software that uses artificial intelligence to simplify keyword research, link building, and other SEO functions. In this CanIRank review, we go over this SEO service in full detail, including:

  • How can this tool save you time verses AHREFs or SEMRush?
  • Nice features you need to check out.
  • Pricing

and other details!

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How to Sign Up For CanIRank?

Want to sign up for the service and then follow this guide while you are in the tool? Use the link below to sign up for and check it out today.

Click here to sign up for CanIRank.

What is CanIRank?

CanIRank is an AI SEO software tool that gives you specific actions on what to do to rank your websites on major search engines. For every recommendation that you get using this tool, you will have in-depth instructions on how to rank your website by yourself. Regardless of your niche, CanIRank will serve your SEO needs in real-time.

This SEO tool offers you real-time suggestions in a number of categories:

  • Keyword research
  • Article improvements
  • Link building
  • Internal SEO improvements

CanIRank is designed to place you ahead of your competitors. It lets you know what your competitors are doing to rank and also reveals what it takes to beat them. This software can also notify you of new content ideas, link opportunities, and ranking changes in one place.

can i rank ai seo tool

Who is CanIRank for?

CanIRank is best suited for startups and small businesses looking to quickly rank their website on the front pages of search engines. If you own a website or manage the ranking of one, take a look at all the time you can save. It can be an alternative or a supplement to other tools such as AHREFs or SEMRush.

Agencies, marketers, and freelancers can use CanIRank to offer SEO services to customers, including:

  • gaining more backlinks
  • higher ranking for specific keywords
  • white hat SEO

CanIRank is filled with so many great features for internal and external SEO. Below, we take a look at a bunch of these features.

canirank review results guarantee

CanIRank Competitor Analysis Features

Shows You How To Beat Your Competitors

This SEO competitive analysis tool uses the power of artificial intelligence to study what established businesses are doing to rank their websites. It then reveals their “secrets” to you so that you can beat them to stay on top.

Saves Time

Instead of spending all day figuring out how to outrank your competitors, you can use the competitive analysis tool to achieve that. Compared to manual SEO analysis, this tool will help you achieve this process on auto-pilot.

Analyzes Different Ranking Factors

CanIRank uses AI to analyze over 200 factors that drive SEO. It also fetches you the information you need to stay on top of your game. Its performance matches SEO tools like Arefa, SEMRush, and Moz. However, it gives you actionable suggestions so that you don’t have to guess.

Reports Are Easy To Understand

The reports presented by this software are quite easy to understand. If you are new to SEO, it will help you identify your website’s strength and weakness.

Guaranteed results

The results of using this SEO competitive analysis tool are quite impressive. Still struggling to rank your website? This software will assign you a consultant that will help you rank your website.

canirank review competitor analysis features

CanIRank Link Building Features

Several Link Building Strategies At Once

CanIRank uses a number of link building strategies with high success rates to help users earn backlinks. The strategies include unlinked mentions, competitor links, and niche directories.

The tool provides you with suggestions on websites you can target and companies you can outreach to.

Builds Solid Relationships

CanIRank can connect you with different bloggers and journalists that you can add to your team for effective link building. Whether you are connected to an influencer or not, you can build and nurture healthy relationships with PR people much easier.

DIY Instructions For Link Building

Every link build strategy adopted by CanIRank comes with do-it-yourself instructions for users to build the website links themselves. The link building strategies also come with tips from expert link building consultants.

canirank link building features

CanIRank Keyword Difficulty Features

Suggests Relevant Keywords

Are you tired of writing great content only for it to rank low on Google? The CanIRank software will suggest valuable keywords for you to create content around with and provide SEO tactics for you to rank.

Great Accuracy

Can I Rank uses the power of machine learning and AI to analyze your website. Then, it gives you a keyword difficulty score for you to work on so that you can improve your SEO ranking.

Incorporates Thematic Relevance

While there are other SEO tools on the market, CanIRank is the only SEO tool that incorporates thematic relevancy.  When your pages tie together with specific and similar keywords, you establish a theme throughout your website. This makes your entire site appear more relevant to those search terms and can really increase your ranking for multiple pages.

CanIRank also incorporates other powerful signals into its keyword difficulty calculations.

Keyword Variations

There are times your website needs keyword variations to rank on major search engines. With the “Get Suggestions” button, the tool will help you find less competitive keywords to target and use.

canirank review keyword difficulty

CanIRank Keyword Research Features

Unique Keywords Ideas

CanIRank works like a keyword generator. Unlike other SEO tools that use Google Keyword Planner to suggest keywords, it goes the extra mile by adding several unique sources. 

CanIRank suggests keywords that are not targeted by your competitors and also semantically related phrases.

Scores The Relevance Of Your Keywords

CanIRank assigns scores to the relevance of your keywords so that you can focus on keywords that matter to paying customers.

Uses Machine Learning to Recommend Keywords

This is one of the only SEO tools that uses machine learning algorithms to suggest keywords to users. This means the tool can study your niche market and then suggest keywords that will drive the most traffic.

Find Better Keywords In Less Time

CanIRank uses the power of AI to enable both startups and small businesses to quickly find better keywords in less time. So, instead of doing manual keyword research, you can count on this SEO software to achieve results more in less time.

canirank review keyword research features

CanIRank Pricing

CanIRank offers three pricing tiers, plus a free package to preview the service. 


With the free package, you get to add 1 website, 5 keywords, and generate 5 SEO reports. You also get limited content ideas, limited rank tracking, and 20 link opportunities.

The idea of the free package is to give you an idea on how the service works. It is a good preview of how you get actionable suggestions for your website.

If you are serious about search engine optimization, you are going to want to pay for the service and really reap the rewards.

DIY Individual

The DIY Individual is designed for beginners and individual users. It comes at a cost of $49 per month. At this price, you get:

  • 1 website for ranking
  • 5 keyword reports per day
  • 3 SEO reports per day 
  • 25 content ideas per report
  • 25+ keywords per website rank tracking
  • 50 link opportunities per month
  • SEO progress reports
  • Competitor analysis

The DIY Individual plan comes with 7-day free trial and expert assistance to help you get started.


The DIY Pro package comes at a cost of $79. If you opt for this package, you will get:

  • 7 websites
  • 20 keyword reports per day
  • 10 SEO reports per day.
  • 40 content ideas per report 
  • 100+ keywords rank tracking per site
  • 250 link opportunities per month
  • SEO progress reports
  • Competitor analysis

You also get the 7-day free trial and expert assistant here too.

DIY Agency

The DIY Agency package comes at a premium of $299 per month. This package is meant for businesses. Any business that opt for this package will get:

  • 25 ranking websites
  • 80 keyword reports per day
  • 40 SEO reports per day.
  • 100 content ideas per report
  • 200+ keywords rank tracking per site
  • 1,000 link opportunities per month
  • SEO progress reports
  • Competitor analysis

Additionally, businesses also get exclusive white label reports and access to priority consulting features.

Overall, CanIRank is an awesome tool that uses artificial intelligence to simplify SEO. The extra use of machine learning should allow the tool to stay ahead of the competition by adding more personalized features in the future.

Click here to give this AI SEO tool a try!

If you’ve tried it out and have some thought, comment down below and let us know!

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