7 Best Tools to Unblur an Image with AI

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If you need an app to unblur or increase the quality of one of your images, then our list of the best tools to unblur an image below is what you need today.

Below, we go over 7 tools in full detail, including key features on how they fix blurry pictures and pricing structure. Most of them improve your photo quality in just a few clicks.

Some photo editors below do more than deblur photos and provide an entire suite of image editing features.

What are the Best Tools to Unblur Images

  1. PicWish

  2. Fotor

  3. Vance Al Unblur Image

  4. Pixcut

  5. Image Upscaler Deblurring

  6. Pixelied Deblur Photo Tool

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picwish before and after unblur

A blurry image can be disappointing, especially when they capture precious moments or essential details. Fortunately, PicWish can help unblur and enhance images, bringing them back to life.

PicWish is an online image enhancement tool that uses AI algorithms to unblur and enhance your images. It offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features to bring out the best in your photographs.

With PicWish, you can upload blurry or low-quality images and apply AI enhancements to make them visually appealing. The tool adjusts brightness, contrast, and saturation, allowing you to fine-tune the image to your liking.

PicWish also offers cropping and resizing options, enabling you to customize the composition of your images.

One of the key features of PicWish is its real-time preview, which allows you to see the changes applied to the image before finalizing them. This feature helps you see the impact of each enhancement and ensures that you achieve the desired results you want.

Key Features

  • AI image enhancement for unblurring images.

  • Noise reduction to enhance image quality.

  • Color enhancement to make your images vibrant.

  • Adjustments for brightness, contrast, and saturation.

  • Cropping and resizing options.

  • Easy-to-use interface with real-time preview.


PicWish offers both free and paid plans.

  • Free Plan – You can enhance up to 10 images per month.

  • Pay As You Go – $59.99

  • Monthly Subscription – $5.99

What I Like About PicWish

I appreciate that PicWish offers a free plan, allowing users to try the tool without paying anything. The unblurring feature is particularly impressive, as it can salvage a blurry picture and make it usable again. The real-time preview also makes it easy to see the changes applied to the image before finalizing them.

Click here to view PicWish

picwish best tool to unblur an image


fotor before and after unblur image

Fotor is an online photo editing app and tool with many features and functionalities for enhancing and editing images. It caters to novice and advanced users, offering a user-friendly interface and comprehensive editing capabilities.

Fotor uses artificial intelligence algorithms to restore sharpness and clarity to a blurry photo. This tool is handy for salvaging photos affected by blurred images by motion blur or lack of focus.

In addition to the unblur tool, Fotor offers many other editing options to enhance photo quality. You can adjust various parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness to fine-tune the appearance of your images. The software also includes a wide selection of filters, effects, and overlays that can be applied to add creative touches and enhance the visual appeal of photos.

Furthermore, Fotor provides advanced editing tools like cropping, resizing, and rotating, allowing you to customize the composition and dimensions of your images. It also offers batch processing, enabling efficient editing of multiple images simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive photo editing tools for advanced adjustments.

  • Filters, effects, and overlays to enhance your images.

  • Collage maker and design templates for creative projects.

  • Batch processing for efficient editing of multiple images.

  • AI unblurring for sharp and clear images.


Fotor offers both free and paid plans. The free version provides access to basic editing features, including the Unblur tool. The paid plans unlock additional advanced features and remove ads. Here are the pricing details:

  • Fotor Basic – Free

  • Fotor Pro – US$3.33/month

  • Fotor Pro+ – US$7.49/month

What I Like About Fotor

Fotor’s image unblurring feature is impressive, but what sets it apart is its wide range of other editing tools. Fotor provides a comprehensive platform for all your image editing needs, from filters and effects to collage-making and design templates.

I also like the batch processing feature, a time-saver when working with multiple images.

Click here to view Fotor

fotor best unblur an image tool

Vance AI Unblur Image Tool

vance ai before and ater unblur

Vance AI Unblur Image is a dedicated tool that uses AI algorithms to restore sharpness to blurry images. It is developed by Vance AI, a company specializing in AI-powered image enhancement solutions.

Vanceal provides a straightforward and effective solution for unblurring images, particularly for those needing more image editing experience.

It uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze and process blurry images, aiming to enhance their clarity and restore fine details. The tool offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to novice and experienced users.

Key Features

  • Adjustments for sharpness, clarity, and details.

  • Enhancements for brightness, contrast, and colors.

  • AI-based unblurring for clear and crisp images

  • Cropping, resizing, and rotation options.

  • Intuitive interface with real-time preview.


Vanceal Unblur Image offers a free plan with limited features and watermarked images. For more advanced features and unlimited usage, they offer a premium plan. The details of the paid are as follow:

  • 100 Credits – Starts at $4.95

  • 200 Credits – Starts at $6.95

  • 500 Credits – Starts at $11.45

  • 1000 Credits – Starts at $17.95

What I Like About Vanceal Unblur Image

I like that Vanceal Unblur Image focuses specifically on unblurring images and does an excellent job at it. The AI-powered algorithms work effectively to restore sharpness and clarity to blurry photos. I appreciate the simplicity of the interface, which makes the tool easy to navigate and use.

Adjusting sharpness, clarity, and other image parameters provides additional control over the final result.

Click here to view Vanceal Unblur Image.

vance ai best unblur image tool


pixcut before and after unblur image

Pixcut is a comprehensive image editing software developed by Wondershare. It offers various editing tools and features to enhance and manipulate images. One of its notable features is the AI unblur capability, which can restore sharpness to blurry images.

In addition to the unblur feature, Pixcut provides various other photo editing tools to cater to various creative needs. These tools include:

With Pixcut, you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness parameters to achieve the desired image enhancements.

Pixcut’s background removal and replacement feature is particularly noteworthy, as it allows you to easily remove unwanted elements from an image or replace the background with a different scene or color. This feature helps create visually appealing compositions or ensure that the image’s main subject stands out.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive photo editing tools for advanced adjustments.

  • Background removal and replacement capabilities.

  • Filters, effects, and overlays for creative enhancements.

  • Collage maker and templates for designing unique compositions.


Pixcut offers both free and paid plans. The paid plan goes for $6.99 per month.

What I Like About Pixcut

I like that Pixcut is a versatile image editing software that covers various editing needs. The unblur feature effectively restores sharpness to blurry images, while the other editing tools allow for comprehensive adjustments and enhancements.

The background removal and replacement feature is particularly useful for creating visually appealing compositions.

Click here to view Pixcut.

pixcut best tool to unblur an imag

Image Upscaler Deblurring

image upscaler deblurring

Are you tired of blurry or low-resolution images? Whether you have an important photograph, a snapshot from a memorable event, or an image for professional use, it can be frustrating when the quality could be better.

Thankfully, Image Upscaler Deblurring can help you unblur and enhance your images.

Image Upscaler Deblurring is an online tool designed to enhance and unblur images effortlessly. Powered by AI, this tool uses advanced algorithms to analyze and turn blurry photos into higher quality, resulting in significantly improved clarity and sharpness.

Image Upscaler Deblurring has a really user-friendly interface. It offers a straightforward solution for image enhancement, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Key Features

  • Simple and intuitive user interface

  • Batch processing for efficient workflow

  • Supports various image formats

  • Advanced image editing capabilities

  • Dedicated sharpening tool for photo enhancement


Image Upscaler Deblurring offers the following pricing tiers:

  • Free Trial – 0$

  • Subscription – $6

  • Advanced – $29

  • Advanced Plus – $29

  • Business Plans – Customizable

What I Like About Image Upscaler Deblurring

I appreciate the user-friendly interface of Image Upscaler Deblurring, which makes it easy for anyone to enhance their images without any technical expertise.

The availability of a free plan is also a great advantage, allowing you to test the tool before committing to a paid subscription.

Click here to view Image Upscaler Deblurring

Pixelied Deblur Photo Tool

pixilied before and after tool to unblur an image

Pixelied Deblur Photo Tool is a feature offered by Pixelied, a comprehensive design suite. This tool is specifically designed to remove blurriness from images and restore their original clarity.

By leveraging AI technology, Pixelied Deblur Photo Tool analyzes the blurry areas of an image and enhances them, resulting in improved sharpness and definition.

What sets Pixelied apart is that it goes beyond just letting you deblur images. It offers many image editing features, making it a versatile tool for all your design needs. Some of the additional features provided by Pixelied include image resizing, filters, overlays, text and shape elements, and a background remover.

This means you cannot only fix blurry images but also enhance them further and create visually stunning designs.

Key Features

  • Extensive image editing features

  • Collaboration and team management tools

  • User-friendly interface

  • Advanced noise reduction algorithms

  • Background removal.


Pixelied has the following three pricing tiers:

  • 1Free plan – $0

  • Pro Plan – $4.9/month ($59 paid annually)

  • Pro+ Plan – $8.25/month ($99 paid annually)

What I Like About Pixelied Deblur Photo Tool

I like the wide range of additional image editing features that comes with this tool. The features make it a one-stop solution for all design requirements, eliminating the need for multiple software tools. I also like that it improves image clarity and sharpness.

Its integration within the larger design suite makes it convenient for individuals and professionals looking for comprehensive image editing capabilities.

Click here to view Pixelied Deblur Photo Tool.

pixelied deblur photo tool

How Does an AI Unblur Tool Work?

AI tools that can unblur an image work by employing a technology called Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), a type of deep learning model that is especially good at processing images. Here’s a general outline of how the process might work:

  1. Training the model: The AI model is first trained using large images. The set contains pairs of blurred and corresponding sharp images. The AI learns to recognize the relationship between blurred and sharp images. This phase is conducted before the tool is used in a practical setting and can take significant computational resources and time.

  2. Processing the image: When a new blurred image is input, the AI model uses what it learned in the training phase to predict the sharp version of the image.

  3. Applying convolutions: The main part of the process is applying a series of filters, known as convolutions, to different parts of the image. These filters help the model recognize different features in the image, such as edges, textures, and colors.

  4. Creating a reconstruction: Based on these features, the model generates a reconstruction of the image where these elements are sharper and clearer. This is typically done in a series of stages, with each stage generating a slightly sharper version of the image than the last.

  5. Post-processing: There might be additional steps like post-processing to ensure the final output is as clear and natural-looking as possible. This could involve color correction, balancing brightness and contrast, or other similar techniques.

Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)

One of the most common AI techniques used for image deblurring is Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

In the case of GANs, two neural networks are used:

  • one (the generator) tries to create realistic unblurred images

  • the other (the discriminator) tries to determine whether the images it reviews are real or produced by the generator.

This adversarial process leads to the generator network getting better and better at producing unblurred images.

It’s important to note that the quality of the deblurring heavily depends on the quality and quantity of the training data used. If the training data is not diverse or comprehensive enough, the AI might not do a good job of unblurring certain types of images.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ublurred Images (FAQs)

How do tools unblur an image?

Most tools use deconvolution to estimate the blur kernel that caused the image blur and then invert this process. Some advanced tools use AI and machine learning models trained on many examples of blurred and unblurred images to predict how to restore sharpness.

Can every blurred image be unblurred perfectly?

While many tools can significantly improve the clarity of a blurred image, restoring it to its original, sharp state may not always be possible. This largely depends on the degree and type of blur, and the quality of the original image.

How can AI help in unblurring images?

AI models, such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) or Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), can learn from large amounts of data how to transform a blurred image into a sharp one. They can often handle more complex cases of blur than traditional methods.

Are there any privacy concerns with unblurring images?

Privacy concerns can arise if sensitive images are unblurred, potentially revealing identifiable or confidential information. Also, uploading images to online unblurring tools could risk storing or using your data without your consent, depending on the tool’s privacy policy.

Can video footage be unblurred as well?

Yes, some software and tools can reduce blur in videos. The process is similar to an unblurred image, but is typically more complex due to the additional temporal dimension in videos.

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