AI Black Friday Deals: Make Your World Smarter With Smart Tools, AI Software

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In this guide, we showcase all AI Black Friday deals on smart hardware, software, and tools. Embrace artificial intelligence and make your life easier with the products below.

If you have any other Black Friday deals that might fit on this list, you can comment down below or email us and let us know. We want to work with AI companies who are offering deals for Black Friday or Cyber Monday too.

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AI Black Friday Deals (and Cyber Monday too!)

Frase Black Friday (20% off)

Frase is an AI content writing and planning tool. It’s a competitor of Jasper and Surfer SEO built together in one single platform. For Black Friday, they are offering 20% off of their lifetime plan to the tool.

Click here to read our Frase vs Surfer SEO review.

Writesonic Black Friday (50% off)

Writesonic is another popular AI content writing tool. It’s a lot cheaper priced and gets constant updates. For Black Friday, they are offering 50% off – 20% off the already 33% off – on all yearly plans.

Jasper.ai Black Friday

Jasper AI has confirmed that it will be having a Black Friday sale. As soon as it goes, live, we will have it here.

Jasper is an AI content platform that helps bloggers and website owners generate content. It has one of the most sophisticated AI content writing platforms on the internet, which can draft long-form posts for you with AI. It also has an AI image generator built-in and an AI image upscaler.

Surfer SEO Black Friday

Surfer SEO has confirmed that they will be having a Black Friday sale!

Surfer SEO is an AI content optimization tool that helps you rank on Google faster. You can import your article and Surfer SEO will make sure that you are using the right keywords in your headings and text. Surfer compares your post to the top ones ranking on Google for that keyword.

Quillbot Black Friday (40% off annual)

Quillbot is an AI grammar checker tool that helps you become a better writer. For the holiday season, they are offering 40% off of their annual plan if you enter in the code BFCM40 in the link below.

Topaz Labs Black Friday Bundles (Up to 65% off)

Topaz Labs has a suite of AI software and AI video software. You can perform image editing, upscaling, sharpening, and video enhancements.

Browse all of the Black Friday bundles on this awesome AI software below.

FindThatLead Black Friday (50% off)

FindThatLead is offering their growth plan for half price only $24.99 per month. This allows you to send 400 emails per day. You also get an Ultimate subscription to Stab.in, which helps you automate LinkedIn lead generation.

The Startup and Suite plans are also 40% and 45% off!

FindThatLead is an AI tool for scraping and retrieving email address for any website on the internet. You can create email campaigns, which target your audience with repeated messages and automated follow-ups.

Udemy Black Friday ($13.99 Courses)

Udemy is offering most courses for $13.99 during Black Friday week and through Cyber Monday!

Udemy is the number one source for online courses. It contains thousands of courses on AI, teaching you the concepts and how to program AI software today. The link below shows some of the courses that Udemy offers.

AI Black Friday Deals: Make Your World Smarter With Smart Tools, AI Software

Remove.bg Black Friday Deal (40% off)

For Black Friday, Remove.bg is having a 40% off sale if you subscribe to a premium plan.

Remove.bg is a background remover service that lets you edit pictures for free. It uses AI to automatically remove the background of your picture and give you a transparent object or person instead. Non-users have their images resized to 512 pixels. Remove.bg contains an API that you can integrate into your website or application.

AI Black Friday Deals: Make Your World Smarter With Smart Tools, AI Software

The following deals are not updated for 2022 yet, but were in place last year! As soon as we have updated pricing, they will get moved up the list!

Collect.chat (Coming Soon)

The yearly plan to Collect.chat is on sale for Black Friday for an entire year. It is normally $49 per month! To get this deal, simply click on the personalized link below.

Collect.chat is an interactive chatbot that collects data from your website visitors by asking scripted questions – 24/7, fully on auto-pilot. Whenever a user response is recorded, you get an email notification. Anyone can build the chatbot with zero coding knowledge and install it in seconds.

Click here to view Collect.chat’s Black Friday deal.

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collect.chat ai chatbot


MobileMonkey is offering up a discount off subscription to their chatbot platform and free consulting too. Click the link below and enter in one of the codes below to get your deal.

  • 60% off PRO or UNICORN annual subscription, Code: BF60
  • 40% off PRO or UNICORN month-to-month subscription, up to 6 months, Code: BF40
  • Get FREE Premier Consulting (regularly $1,599) with a UNICORN annual subscription, Code: PREMIER

MobileMonkey is a software solution that lets you create bots using their OmniChat technology. These bots work in web chat, Messenger, and through SMS text messages. MobileMonkey is aimed at non-technical users and offers full-service support to help you get up and running.

Click here to view MobileMonkey.

mobilemonkey ai chatbot

ClickUp (15% off)

ClickUp is offering 15% off during its AI Black Friday sale to those who subscribe to the Business or Unlimited plan with the code BLACK15

ClickUp is a productivity app tha places all of your chats, goals, documents, and tasks in one single app. You can build out your entire company and show information in a variety of different lists and views. ClickUp automatically connects and imports from other time tracking, calendar, storage, development, and other apps.

Click here to view ClickUp.

clickup black friday ai

Linguix (45% off)

Linguix is offering 45% off all annual and quarterly plans!

Linguix is an AI writing assistant which corrects your grammar and makes context recommendations live as you type. It learns your writing style and makes recommendations to apply it consistently and can be integrated into all popular apps, word documents, and web browsers.

Click here to view Linguix.

AI Black Friday Deals: Make Your World Smarter With Smart Tools, AI Software

Luminar AI (Up to 39% off)

Luminar AI is an upcoming photo editing app for Mac and Windows that launches on December 15th. If you preorder it now using the Luminari AI Black Friday link below, you can save up to 39% off!

Luminar AI uses artificial intelligence to fully automate photo editing. You can automatically add beautiful filters to your images. Luminar AI can track human faces and bodies and make sure they stand out and look great. Luminar is already one of the top photo editing apps in the world.

Click here to view Luminar AI.

luminar ai black friday deal

Topaz Labs (68% off)

Topaz Labs is offering 68% off the price of their entire suite bundle package, which includes:

  • Sharpen AI
  • Gigapixel AI
  • DeNoise AI
  • Mask AI
  • Adjust AI
  • JPEG to RAW AI
  • Studio 2

All of the software above helps you edit and create professional photos using artificial intelligence. For working professionals looking for a good photography AI Black Friday deal, this is the one you want.

Click here to view Topaz Labs.

Do you have any other AI Black Friday deals to share? Make sure to let us know so that we can help out other viewers.

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