List of Every Official ChatGPT Plugin You Can Install Today

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ChatGPT plugins let you extend the functionality of the AI tool by extending its knowledge into other APIs, external tools, and applications. In this guide, I’ll walk through all of the official ChatGPT plugins you can install once you can access the Plugins feature.

These plugins can be installed in one click right through ChatGPT and require no other integration steps.

The best official ChatGPT plugins are Wolfram Alpha, Zapier, and Expedia. Read about them, plus all of the other official addons below. The list has grown fast, to over 128 official plugins!

Click here if you want to learn how to create your own ChatGPT plugins.

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What are Official ChatGPT Plugins

Plugins is an experimental model within ChatGPT that allows users to connect to and interact with third-party websites and applications within ChatGPT. Plugins extend the functionality of ChatGPT by letting you execute commands on different websites and applications.

Plugins also let you access real time data newer than ChatGPT’s cutoff date of September 2021 since data is retrieved in real-time.

Once more official plugins are released, the need for ChatGPT alternatives will decrease.

How Do You Access Official Plugins in ChatGPT?

Official plugins are built right into the ChatGPT interface. Once you have access to the Plugins model, you can install ChatGPT’s plugins right through the web interface.

Access is only available for ChatGPT plus users, which costs $20 per month. You also get access to GPT-4, which has better natural language processing power.

You can install as many plugins as you would like. You can enable three existing plugins simultaneously in a single chat window.

List of Official ChatGPT Plugins

Currently, this is every single official ChatGPT plugin:

  1. ABC Music Notation
  2. ABCMouse
  3. Abridged Due Diligence
  4. Access Link
  5. AI Tool Hunt
  6. AITicketChat
  7. Algorithms
  8. Ambition
  9. Ask Your PDF
  10. BizToc
  11. BlockAtlas
  12. Bohita
  13. Boolio
  14. Bramework
  15. BuyWisely
  16. C3 Glide
  17. Career Copilot
  18. Change
  19. ChatSpot
  20. ChatWithVideo
  21. Clinical Trial Radar
  22. Cloudflare Radar
  23. CoinCap
  24. Comic Finder
  25. Competitor PPC Audit
  26. Coupert
  27. Crafty Clues
  28. CreatiCode Scratch
  29. Creatuity Stores
  30. Creature Generator
  31. CreditYelp
  32. Currency Converter
  33. DAIZY
  34. Decision Journal
  35. DEV Community
  36. edX
  37. Expedia
  38. FiscalNote
  39. FundsDB
  40. Gamebase
  41. GetYourGuide
  42. Giftwrap
  43. Giga Tutor
  44. Glowing
  45. Golden
  46. Hauling Buddies
  47. Hubbub
  48. I Am Rich
  49. ImageSearch by Unsplash
  50. Instacart
  51. KalendarAI
  52. KAYAK
  53. KeyMate.AI Search
  54. Keyplays Live Soccer Scores
  55. Klarna Shopping
  56. Klook
  57. Kraftful
  58. Lexi Shopper
  59. Likewise
  60. Link Reader
  61. Local by Goodcall
  62. Lowes
  63. Magnetis
  64. Manorlead
  65. Metaphor
  66. Milo Family AI
  67. MixerBox News
  68. MixerBox OnePlayer
  69. Noteable
  70. One Word Domains
  71. OpenTable
  72. Open Lecture
  73. Open Trivia
  74. Options Pro
  75. OwlJourney
  76. Penrose Analyst
  77. Photorealistic
  78. Podcast Search
  79. Planfit
  80. PlaylistAI
  81. Polarr
  82. Polygon
  83. PortfoliosLab
  84. Portfolio Pilot
  85. Prompt Perfect
  86. Public
  87. QuakePH
  88. QuickRecall
  89. Redfin
  90. Rentable Apartments
  91. RoboAd
  92. Savvy Trader AI
  93. Scraper
  95. SEO.app
  96. Shimmer: Nutition
  97. Shop
  98. Show Me
  99. Speak
  100. Speechki
  101. Statis Fund Finance
  102. Tabelog
  103. Tasty Recipes
  104. There’s An AI For That
  105. Tic Tac Toe
  106. Tomorrow.io Weather
  107. Trip.com
  108. Turo
  109. Tutory
  110. UK Latest News
  111. Video Insights
  112. Visla
  113. Vivian Health
  114. VoxScript
  115. Wahl
  116. Weather Report
  117. WebPilot
  118. Website Performance
  119. Wishbucket
  120. Wolfram
  121. Word Sneak
  122. World News
  123. Xpapers
  124. Yabble
  125. Yay! Forms
  126. Zapier
  127. Zillow
  128. Zumper Rental Search

OpenAI has been adding new plugins to the store almost every day. next, we’ll go over some of our favorite and most useful ones.


Wolfram is a smart computer program that helps people solve math problems, find information, and make cool pictures and graphs. It’s like a super-brainy calculator that can answer lots of different questions.

People use Wolfram for school, work, or just for fun to learn new things.

The Wolfram plugin in ChatGPT can help you solve formulas or access scientific information better than before.


Zapier is a tool that helps different apps, and websites talk to each other and work together. It lets you create “Zaps,” recipes that automate tasks and simplify your life.

The Zapier plugin for ChatGPT users can help you take the information that GPT gives you and execute commands. For example, use your WordPress zap to send your GPT output to a draft post. Or, use your Gmail zap to compose an email from a GPT response.


Expedia is a website that helps you plan trips and vacations. You can find and book flights, hotels, and car rentals all in one place.

Expedia makes it easy to find the best deals and organize everything you need for your trip. The Expedia plugin for ChatGPT gives you live information about hotel prices and flight information. Or, you can find accommodations nearby specific addresses.

Shop App

The Shop App is an app for your phone that helps you buy things from different stores online. It keeps track of your orders and tells you when they’ll arrive. It also lets you discover cool new stores, making shopping easy and fun.

The Shop App plugin for ChatGPT lets you search for promoted and sold products with the app, compare prices, and place orders through ChatGPT.

Klarna Shopping

Klarna Shopping is another shopping app that makes buying stuff online easier. It lets you shop from many stores and pay later, so you don’t have to worry about having enough money immediately.

Plus, it helps you find good deals and manage your payments in a simple way.

The Klarna Shopping plugin for ChatGPT lets you browse stores, place orders, and find good deals.


OpenTable is a website and app that helps you find and reserve tables at restaurants. You can search for places to eat based on your preferences, like location, cuisine, or price.

The OpenTable plugin for ChatGPT lets you find a restaurant and book a reservation all within the interface.


Instacart is an app and website that lets you order groceries and everyday items from local stores. Shoppers pick up the items you want and deliver them to your doorstep, saving you time and effort.

Using the Instacart plugin for ChatGPT, you can take ingredients from a recipe and use Instacart to deliver those groceries directly to you.


KAYAK is a website and app that helps you plan your trips by comparing flights, hotels, and car rental prices. It searches many travel sites at once to find the best deals for you. KAYAK makes it easier and faster to book your travel arrangements and save money.

The KAYAK plugin for ChatGPT lets you compare prices for your trip right within ChatGPT and make decisions right on the spot.

Milo Family AI

Milo Family AI is a smart device and app designed to help families stay organized and connected. It uses artificial intelligence to manage schedules, send reminders, and provide helpful suggestions for daily tasks.

The Milo Family AI plugin for ChatGPT lets you create, update, and sync your to do list. By acting as a virtual family assistant, it makes life easier and more efficient for busy families.

Speak (Language Translation Plugin)

Speak is a language translation learning app that helps you learn and practice new languages by chatting with native speakers. You can have real-time conversations, play language games, and get feedback on your progress.

The Speak plugin for ChatGPT lets you translate text in multiple languages in real time. You can turn ChatGPT into a full language translation plugin too.


FiscalNote is a technology company that helps businesses and organizations understand and manage government policies and regulations. They provide tools and information to track legislation, analyze its impact, and predict outcomes.

The FiscalNote plugin for ChatGPT can help companies can make better decisions and stay compliant with ever-changing laws and regulations.


Lowes is a home improvement retailer that offers a wide range of products and services for homeowners and professionals. From tools and appliances to furniture and decor, Lowes has everything you need to build, maintain, or remodel your home.

The Lowes plugin for ChatGPT helps users find the right products, get project advice, and access exclusive offers.

CreatiCode Scratch

CreatiCode Scratch is an online platform that teaches coding and programming concepts through interactive games and puzzles. Designed for kids and beginners, Scratch makes learning to code fun and engaging.

The CreatiCode Scratch plugin for ChatGPT offers personalized coding lessons and allows you to write 2D and 3D Scratch programs with GPT.


Redfin is a real estate brokerage that aims to make the home buying and selling process more efficient and transparent. They offer an innovative platform with online tools, local agents, and low fees.

The Redfin plugin for ChatGPT allows you to ask specific questions about the real estate market in your area.

One Word Domains

One Word Domains is a platform that curates available one-word domain names, helping businesses and individuals find the perfect web address for their online presence.

The One Word Domains plugin for ChatGPT helps users discover and analyze available domain names, making it easy to find the perfect domain for your next project or business idea.


Golden is a knowledge database that uses artificial intelligence and human expertise to create comprehensive companies, people, and technologies profiles.

The Golden plugin for ChatGPT offers instant access to information on any company in its database, providing users with accurate and up-to-date knowledge.


Yabble is a market research platform that uses AI-powered tools to collect, analyze, and visualize consumer insights. Businesses can use Yabble to understand customer behavior and make data-driven decisions.

The Yabble plugin for ChatGPT helps users access Yabble’s survey generation tool.

Portfolio Pilot

Portfolio Pilot is a robo-advisor platform that uses advanced algorithms to help investors manage their portfolios. It offers personalized investment advice and automated portfolio management to maximize returns.

The Portfolio Pilot plugin for ChatGPT provides users with tailored investment advice, real-time market updates, and portfolio tracking.


Zillow is a leading real estate marketplace that connects buyers, sellers, and renters with properties, agents, and resources. Their platform provides comprehensive information on homes, neighborhoods, and market trends.

The Zillow plugin for ChatGPT enables users to search for properties, receive personalized recommendations, and access expert advice about real estate.


Speechki is a text-to-speech platform that converts written content into natural-sounding audio. It’s perfect for creating audiobooks, podcasts, or voiceovers with ease.

The Speechki plugin for ChatGPT allows users to transform text into high-quality audio, offering an efficient way to create and share content in an audio format.


Giftwrap is an online gift recommendation platform that uses artificial intelligence to find the perfect gift for any occasion. By analyzing recipient preferences, Giftwrap simplifies the process of gift-giving.

The Giftwrap plugin for ChatGPT provides personalized gift suggestions based on your recipient’s interests and preferences.

How to Install ChatGPT Plugins

To gain access to the plugin page in the ChatGPT dashboard, you must have joined the waitlist and received your invitation to use the new Plugins model.

official chatgpt plugins openai access email

Once you have access, you will see the Plugins model as an option beside GPT3.5 Default, GPT3.5 Legacy, and GPT4 at the top of the screen.

chatgpt plugins screen

Installing plugins from the official repository is easy. Select the Plugin Model, click on the Plugins dropdown, and click Plugin Store.

chatgpt plugins model

Click the Install button beside the official plugin you want to install.

list of official chatgpt plugins

Where is the ChatGPT Browser and Code Interpreter Plugin?

Alongside the announcement of plugins, OpenAI gave a demo of a browser plugin and a Python code interpreter plugin. Those plugins are being rolled out to all Plus users who pay $20 monthly for ChatGPT 4.


In conclusion, the official ChatGPT plugins offer an exciting array of options to enhance your ChatGPT experience, making it more versatile and powerful.

With quality plugins like Wolfram Alpha, Zapier, Expedia, and many others, you can seamlessly integrate with other applications and access real-time data sources, all while using GPT4 -4. Only the first plugins are available so far, but we expect a ton more to be released soon.

So why wait?

Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus for just $20 monthly and request access to official plugins today.

Don’t forget to watch for the ChatGPT Browser and Code Interpreter Plugin; we’ll update you as soon as they become available.

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